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  1. Scammer is trying to get you email some random Gmail account in pm's
  2. I read that differently than you. The intent of the no telescoping or collapsing stock is to ban multiple shooting positions from the stock. This stock stop only offers one "shooting position" It cannot change to a more forward shooting position nor a more rearward shooting position. The only other option that the stock stop offers is to take the stock off completely, and at that point in time you have no stock; collapsible, telescoping, or otherwise And the epoxy thing is just a suggestion to the whole you need a tool to remove blah blah blah.
  3. Actually this statement is not necessarily accurate "But someone could do that here. The stock can still have the lever function, and moved rearward, unless set to max length." When installed properly the stock cannot move forward or rewards. You would have to physically take the stock off, then remove the stock stop then reinstall the stock. If you add epoxy to the stock stop then even that becomes an impossibility
  4. Hey everyone, Was just looking to get anyone's opinion who has shot at Delrans range their opinion of it. Thanks
  5. Why cant any of you guys with the green tips be in south jersey..
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