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  1. Was it a "Performance" series? I still like the S&W M&P9 compact with 4" barrel better. Not sure about the trigger on the EZ.
  2. Agreed. Another concern was about extra weight of the pinned/welded/epoxied standard mags. Seriously what is the weight comparizon of the 15-round (G19 standard) and the factory 10-rounders?
  3. So you were talking about S&W M&P9 compact with 4" barrel, right?
  4. Why Gen3 though? Did you find a used one?
  5. Actually I found SP-66 filing instructions on the NJSP website: https://www.njsp.org/firearms/rpo-initial-app.shtml
  6. UPDATE: I contacted my PD and asked to add another P2P to my current application. They told me that it will be no problem to add another one, since my background check is still in progress. This was good, but I am a bit puzzled as I already received the "Criminal History Check completed" email update. My understanding was that the Chief was to review every application. I was also asked to fill out the Mental Health Records consent, regardless of the fact I live in NJ much longer then 10 years. Do you guys put your SSN there and who can sign it as a witness? Would my wife qualify?
  7. I believe I should qualify as a "Rent to Buy Renter"
  8. OMG, I guess PA was not a Covid-19 hot spot. Here is the latest update:
  9. Thank you! In fact, I was considering them to join in a future for regular training. It seems they want me to have the FID already. And I am still waiting for my FID. But I guess it should be fine if I come without FID, but with a friend, right? https://tacticaltrainingcenternj.com/firearm-rental-policies/
  10. Thank you. I've heard the rumors about someone from NJ denied to look at the shotgun at one of the PA stores. Glad it wasn't a true story!
  11. Thank you, this is a really good option. I looked at them but they listed only Gen4 Glocks in their inventory. And, in fact they are 1 mile closer, but 2min further from my place. In fact I like their rent2buy option of renting two guns for $20/hr.
  12. Krdshrk, tomk62, Zeke, thank you for answering. As I said I know the answers already. But you may want to start from there and make it sticky.
  13. Thank you, you are very informative! I am so sorry for asking many questions, which may look stupid for you. I just wondered whether you may have compiled or planning in a future to compile the FAQ for new gun owners in NJ? The obvious questions are: What do I need to buy a firearm in NJ (long gun and/or pistol)? What these abbreviations (FID, COE, P2P, etc) mean? Can I purchase a gun online? Can I purchase a handgun out of state and bring it back? Can I buy a long gun in PA and drive back with it to my NJ home? What magazines are legal in NJ? What are limit differences in hand gun/ long gun/ .22 caliber? What would happen if I order a gun with standard capacity mags online? I've learned a lot in the last days, so I know the answers now, but it would be great if a reputable member could answer FAQs. So there will be less spammer like myself. Please excuse me if you already have that on the Forum. But I just wasn't able to find it.
  14. Thanks! I corrected my original post.
  15. So anyone can purchase a long gun in PA, or they check and acknowledge your NJ FID?
  16. Are you 100% sure? I've heard that it was not possible anymore.
  17. So if I end up buying the G19 online, do you suggest paying $15 per mag to the gunsmith to pin them down to 10 rounds, or just ask the original seller to remove them and get new 10-rounders? Hate to toss away three brand new high-capacity OEM mags. Also, when you buy the new G17/G19 from NJ local dealer, the gun comes with three mags. Are they going to be pinned 15-rounders or the original 10-rounders? They must have quite different weight.
  18. I would probably go with G19 or even G17 if there was no rounds limit. But we have what we have in NJ. Choosing between G43 and G43x is obvious: 10-rounds. And choosing between G43x and G48 is obvious too: the longer barrel. Good to know, thanks for the tip! They are aftermarket mags though. Are these mags having any issues? Are they lighter than the standard mags pinned to 10 rounds?
  19. Yes, but I would not be able to order mags online, for example. I wanted to have a handgun for home defense, but mostly for practicing at shooting ranges. I used to shoot quite often, but it was a long long time ago. So I originally planned to get Glock 17, but then I realized that standard magazines were banned in NJ. And so I just thought if my hand will be happy to shoot the G48, I'll go with it. It is less expensive as well (to give another reason), right?
  20. Honestly IDK. It will be even more disappointing to reduce the mag size from 17 rounds to 10, should I choose the G17 or the full sized M&P9. This is why I was leaning towards G48: it has 4.17" barrel and a standard 10-round mag.
  21. As concealed carry is not an option in NJ, I primarily liked the G48 over G19 for its original 10-round mag (so I can just order new mags without any mods), and the fact it is lighter and have a longer barrel as well. I also hope it will fit my hand better. Unfortunately very few places have it, I saw that some ranges rent out the G43, but not G43x or G48. Were you happy with the grip?
  22. I currently have three guns in my short list to compare side-by-side at the range: Glock G19 Gen5 (or G48) S&W M&P9 M2.0 Compact 4.0” Sig Sauer P320 Compact
  23. I live in Princeton-Trenton area, and was looking for a shooting range nearby with good rental gun inventory. Unfortunately most NJ ranges are far from me, have inflated rates, or still closed. And so I started looking at the PA ranges, which are even closer to my place. In particular, I was looking at Guardian Training Center in Warminster, PA. They have lots of gun options to rent and their prices are reasonable. Did anybody use them? Or you could recommend any other good place in PA near the NJ border and close to Rt1?
  24. And are you happy with your M&P2 M2.0? Is it your primary 9mm gun?
  25. I can go for a long barrel too! Is Heritage 16" Rough Rider still considered to be a handgun in NJ and requires a P2P?
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