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  1. Fishnut, Zeke, Smitty, thanks for your suggestions! I agree. I had no idea P2Ps were so valuable, so I'd definitely mark "3" there, but I requested only one. So it's going to be used for 9mm. I have yet to hold the G48 in my hand. I found the G19 to be a bit bulky and squared, so I hopped the G48 would feel a bit better. Also, I would feel stupid to use the inflated thick G19 knowing that its capacity was unnaturally reduced to 10 rounds. The only cons about G48 is its lack of rails. I saw that the "Rail" version of G48 is in Europe since 2019. Just wondered whether it will become available in the US in a near future?
  2. This is a great idea! But I am not sure that Glocks will be my final choice. Which .22 handgun is more accurate and fun to shoot at the range? And talking about 9mm Glock, I lean toward the G48 for its slimmer frame and longer barrel. It is also naturally 10-round mag. What do you guys think about G48?
  3. Is it an addiction? I didn't plan getting more than two handguns.
  4. This is exactly what I was afraid of. I hope not, sir!
  5. Thanks. I only wondered that it could delay my original application.
  6. Hello everyone. Thanks for running such a great resource for NJ. I recently started my process to become a firearm owner and planned to purchase one handgun for home defence and and one small caliber rifle for recreational shooting. I called my Plainsboro PD and they gave me their ORI number and told me to file everything online. So I did the online application for FID and a single P2P. I know, I know how stupid it was! My references are done, and fingerprinting is done a week ago. The lady at IdentoGo told me that I should receive everything in three weeks (hope she was right). So I am expecting FID/P2P soon. Now I was looking at different possibilities of handguns and decided to rather buy a .22 handgun for recreational/training shooting. I was looking at Glock 44, which is affordable and resembles the G19, which will probably be my primary 9mm gun. It sounds stupid, but I really need TWO P2P's now. Do you think I can call my PD and ask them to add an extra one to my current application? Is it a good idea? Or I better file a new P2P application now? Can I do it while I am still waiting for my FID and use my original case conformation number? Thank you in advance!
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