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  1. AH< okay I did not know this. Thanks for clearing it up. I figured that since it also had said, does not hide flash or lower sound, that I would be okay legal wise. Where I have saw others have the KAK Flash Kan installed at other NJ gun shops without issue. It is basically the same thing but a little shorter. Same hole diameter. I hate this state for these reasons alone.
  2. The sole reason they did not install it. Was they never had seen one before. I even told them that it really serves no purpose but for looks. If anything, it pushes the gas out front, like a linear compensator. Which is legal. Before i had left, i said well if the gunsmith feels uncomfortable putting what I want on there. I will pick something else. just let me know. ok, we will give you a call. 5 days later. Get a text message. NICS passed. Compliance work done. Pick up and look at it in the back of my SUV. I was like holy cow! I had no choice in what my muzzle brake was or was not to be!!! After i cooled down and got it to the range on Sunday. It shot great. However, this is my first AR so i have nothing to compare it to.
  3. Went to the Arsenal gun shop with a 50/50 Reverse Flash can which is nothing more than a linear compensator. Its a tube with threads in the middle that really is nothing more than for looks. At most all it does is push the gas out in front of the shooter. It does not quiet the sound or anything like that. I did my NICS and they called me the gun work was done as well. I walk out and they have their own muzzle break pin and welded to my ar-15 Sig m400. You would figure they would call and let me know instead of just putting their own item on there. Cost to pin the stock and take off the flash hider and then put on their own muzzle brake was 155 dollars. Just because they never saw a reverse flash can before. Now is it even worth paying someone to drill out the muzzle brake just to put on the flash can? Or better off with a muzzle brake anyway?
  4. I put in a NICS last monday at 1230PM and got my call it was approved Wednesday at 330PM. Not bad at all. still not same day but.....
  5. From my understanding and going by the que posted on the NJSP NICS portal page. Once I had saw they got past last Saturday's submission on Tuesday. I got restless but did not call my gun shop. I know that if they do not render an immediate decision it then goes to a higher level (for lack of better wordage). If they can not render a decision then, it goes into delayed status, where they have 3 business days to render a decision. I had my original FID delayed by 2 days, i knew they did not have a copy of a document that was missing from my record. So I assumed it was that but would have lost it if it went past Friday and tried to contact someone. If your FFL put it in on the day you had posted, Thursday. I would put money on it. It says more than just processing or pending. Maybe is is actually in delayed status and your FFL calls it pending. Which does not help your mind at all. After I signed and the gun was mine. I had asked about the delayed status because I am picking up another gun in 31 days that is already sitting at my FFL. She said, i can call the NJSP firearms division and gave me the number and extension to call. They can tell me why I was denied. Then if the reason is due to something i can go and get done or have changed. I am going to do that to prevent delayed status in the future. I also had an expungement right before covid hit and the local town said they still see the record, so that could be part of it as well. Anyways, she said you can not call the NJSP firearms division until you have the delayed or denied status. Whether that is true or not i do not know.
  6. mine finally got off delay from saturday and was able to pick up my sig p229 elite dark right before the shop closed!
  7. https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/NicsVerification/
  8. I put mine in on Saturday. Wake up to see their working on Monday. I am thinking, delayed or the FFL is too busy to call me. Not to mention I bought mine online because nothing was available locally.
  9. Waited 5.5 months for my 1st fid and 2 p2p's. Got them last Wednesday. So hard to find guns locally. I googled my ass off for 24 hours straight and constantly emailing out of state dealers. Got my 1st sig p229 elite dark delivered at dealer Saturday at noon .was told not to come in till 3pm due to overcrowding in-store. Filed nics paper and my jaw dropped when I found out it was not instant. I told my baby I would not leave her stranded. There was 1584 in que Saturday and they were working on Wednesday work. By close of business Saturday they started Thursday. Sunday they were still on Thursday w 1600 in que. Woke up Monday their still on Thursday with 1617 in que. Now waiting to see what Tuesday says .hoping Tuesday by end of day says working on Saturday. That is me wishing. More like working on Saturdays Wednesday and since .one was 330pm Saturday I will get a call Thursday. After reading on another forum. I had no clue the njsp nics was different background check than the initial njsp background check that happened right after fingerprints. That would suck to be approved for p2p and fid and spend 1200 bucks to have come this far to get denied from njsp nics. From all my hours of reading. Trust me, 100s of hours. How would the njsp nics show anything that would get me denied that the initial njsp background check didn't show ??? What really Yanks my chain. Is I paid for an expungement prior to covid and got a letter from njsp i have a clean slate but local PD still saw all of it. They said perhaps they didn't get to it due to covid but I still past the sniff test. Nothing on my record was ever charged all dismissed. Good luck to all
  10. Yes, got a call today!!! However, figures i was sleeping when they called. so now playing phone tag, so i can get appointment too! I already have a gun lined up i found online if it is not sold yet, it is mine. lol why next week though? I want to run down and fetch it now! Its been so long. brian
  11. Sounds like your initial application was not done on the FARS system electronically. When i submitted my app, that was a check box for the sp-066. Your signing off for them to be able to do a mental health record search. The part you mentioned about a doctor's signature. that would only be if they found something during their search. Or like me, i was honest as one should be and said I went to a shrink one time. in this day and age that should be a plus one is able to be intelligent enough to talk to someone after a major life event. I was having a heard time after my mother passed away. In any case, that is all that form is. If they do not find anything there is no need for those other signatures.
  12. His name tony? He is really really nice. He told me 2 more weeks since I been waiting so long. I'm at about 120 to 125 days also. If you already spoke to him. Looks like we will both be about the same time. Cheers
  13. Applied through NJ fars system middle February 2020. Gloucester township 1st time fid and 2 p2p. References done next day. February 23rd email received background check completed. Already had finger prints week prior. June 14th. - call from GLO twp. - everything looks good. Had record expunged but due to virus it's still showing. Said needed letter from doctor. Since I had saw a shrink. If not in by 2 weeks. Goes back in pile for another 2 months. Letter dropped off last Monday. He said 250 permit applications submitted over weekend!!! Stated after he closes app. Should be another 2.5 weeks. Is that normal? 2.5 weeks after a 4 months wait just to type up cards??? At this point I'm so sick of waiting and for no good reason fear something could go wrong, lol I even joined NJ2AS just in case there was any issues and they are doing good for NJ 2nd amendment That being said , should I contact my local gun shop to place and pay for my Sig and let it sit in the safe till I get my permit? Thanks! Also my 1st post to forum.
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