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  1. dam i am sorry I just saw this. Do you ship?
  2. Hey everyone, I cannot find 10 rd mags for the 15-22 anywhere except stupidly overpriced ebay/gun broker. Anyone here have a place? My google is tired from all my searches. Thank you
  3. nice. I will definitely check it out I will check them out. thanks
  4. I ordered one on Palmetto state armory to be shipped to my FFL. Palmetto canceled shipment do to compliance issue. If I was LE is the only way they would ship. I thought if the FFL pinned the stock and muzzle device (that wasn't a hider) That it was ok.
  5. Thanks for this great discussion (hopefully it keeps going). Love the knowledge from experience
  6. Thanks for all the great info guys! I keep reading that prism sights are best for astigmatisms. Funny thing is I was always told as a kid that i had one but apparently i grew out of it. I guess we will find out. I found this "deal" on Midway. for a Bushnell 1X 32mm https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1022880867?pid=930495 has good reviews and i like the idea of the bigger FOV Thoughts on micro vs tube?
  7. Hello gentlemen, In the process of building my first AR in 5.56. I have my iron sights and I am looking at red dots. Hopefully this isn't overkill on info but I am very confused on my best option. I have shitty eye sight. My contacts are -8.5. I was looking at 3 main options: 1) Sig Romeo5 XDR - Thought was to start with this and eventually (xmas) upgrade with the Juliet 4X 2) Burris AR-332 - Prism sight. It is 3X and from what I gather it gives enough magnification to reach 100yds easily but still being functional for close shooting 3) Low power variable optic - thinking 1-6X - My goal is to work out to 200 yards eventually. mostly 25-100. Please any experience in these areas is very appreciated. Thank you
  8. Anyone have a A BFD they recommend? Or any other opinions? Was looking at this one http://www.indiancreekdesigninc.com/shop-online/bfd-with-12-mount-complete-except-thread-protector
  9. hahaha this is great. I just stumbled across that same one and ordered it. they must have just been put up!
  10. I know everything is completely crazy with gun parts, but does anyone have a beat on a quality stripped upper from any website? Thank you
  11. That is what I am leaning toward
  12. I keep reading good stuff about radical here. Thank you
  13. Hey all. New here. I promise I searched and read a bunch of stuff written on this topic but wanted to distill it down more if you don't mind. My first AR was looking at Troy and Dark Storm ($$$) Was encourage to look at Stag (which I don't see much discussion of here) and Radical. I know more money doesn't always equal better gun (and never means a better shot) but I see in the discussions that sights, ambi parts etc do kinda matter for the money. Please help me clear my head. i am hitting paralysis by analysis mode Thank you kindly
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