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  1. Incorrect, that is not what a ccw allows. Your state has to have different transport laws to allow that. The ccw does not change how to transport a gun. It only grants you access to carry a gun. If you have a gun on you, with current nj laws, if you go to a place that does not allow them, you would be breaking the law if you left it in your car.
  2. This was probably professional thieves who broke in and not a simple grab and smash. They might have even had an inside guy getting them information on the security system.
  3. Even with a ccw, that applies only to the hand gun you are carrying on you. Transporting any other firearm still has not changed
  4. Beretta is known for terrible customer service. At this point they rather be a clothing company then a gun manufacturer.
  5. Here is my ltt 92x with somewhere between 2-3k rounds in it. It has wear at the end, but no actually deep scratches. Just the paint worn off.
  6. It doesnt even make sense that you need a hand gun purchase permit after your first gun. Like what are you going to do carry 5 hand guns and juggle them as you go on a killing spree? I really do believe there should be some kind of wait for your firearms permit to help keep rash judgement suicides down. But after that approval it makes no sense to make you wait for anything other then NICs and that should take a few minutes like in PA.
  7. I dont think they are talking about the same type of insurance. They are talking about liability insurance so that if you defend yourself the person who attacked you can have his family get a huge pay check.
  8. I wouldnt carry without insurance personally. You could be plainly in the right and you still will have to pay an insane amount of money to defend yourself. The first defensive shooting we have from someone with a ccw will have the book thrown at them.
  9. I think i found this site ages ago through google, but never posted until recently.
  10. Has anyone here invested into a blackstone? I bought one last year and just find it underwhelming. Its basically a less effective cast iron pan since you cant baste steak on it. It is on the other hand great for simple things like burgers, hotdogs, and a large breakfast for a group of people which i never have over.
  11. I wonder if this is even legal. It makes it so you have no way to defend yourself from a defensive shooting. This is as important as the mag or assault weapon law suites imo.
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