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  1. Does it say the on the online form? meaning the qualifying references?, of course I will notify my references before hand. I appreciate the input.
  2. Ok, I'll get all that. I guess my PD is processing online because entering the ORI# works. (I hope) Thanks for the info, if there's anything else please let me know.
  3. Now the application is online which is convenient but you need to have the info in advance.
  4. Well, mine are in Mass Besides the names and emails from my references, do I need their addresses, phones? sorry I'm asking too many questions but I don't want to screw up. I appreciate the input.
  5. That's good to know, most of my shooting buddies moved out of state.
  6. The online form is asking for references, the question I have is, those references can be friends residing out of state? who can be a reference?, also, my employer will be contacted? Thanks
  7. I have no problem getting a permit, it' all the hoops and time that it takes.
  8. Hi Thanks for the reply. The ones in question will shoot paintball size balls and the purpose is to have one in the house 'just in case' since getting a permit in NJ is a PIA.
  9. Hi, What's the law regarding the purchase, owning and carrying a 'pepper ball gun' such as a SALT gun or a TipX or a Byrna, the manufacturer/seller affirm that they can ship to NJ and are legal but I'd like to confirm that answer. Thanks
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