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  1. The only thing I'm hoping, is that the GOP or the Ciattarelli camp does something and either requests a recount or an audit, too many 'problems' reported.
  2. Empty shelves indeed, stop by the WalMart in Kearny and you will think you are in some Venezuelan super market.
  3. Newsmax plays Henry Rifles commercials often, I haven't seen them anywhere else.
  4. NJ_Dude


    Still, to me crypto has no substance and no value other that some people telling me: Crypto is the future!, the day crypto falls 'investors' will end up with nothing, as opposed to say investing in real estate (or any other tangible object market) if the bubble burst at least you might end up owning some run-down houses or an empty lot but at least is something, precious metals and other tangibles will never go away. My 2 cents
  5. NJ_Dude


    Crypto is the greatest scam of all times, is like investing on lottery numbers.
  6. Very nice, in my case, for Xmas I might be getting a S&W 686 and a Henry rifle (.357 magnum to share ammo with the S&W revolver)
  7. I shoot with the 'wrong hand' too and have no problems shooting ARs. I would get a 'regular' AR, but that's my opinion.
  8. Ok, so to be clear, I have a couple of pistol permits that will expire next month, so, I don't have to do anything to get an extension? I don't have a 'digital' permit, I have 'paper' versions.
  9. Ok, explain this to me, if the pistol permits go electronic, the chief of police has to still approve it? also, what about expiration? how would you request an extension?, I don't know, I don't see any 'benefit' here unless I'm missing something.
  10. He was swamped with pending permits and said that the state 'ran out of permits', a batch landed on his desk so he started issuing them ASAP. I think a law should exist that if the state runs out of permits it should automatically become a 'Constitutional Carry State'
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