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  1. Well, at least no one can deny he had the balls to finish the race.
  2. "...and didn’t want to buy 33-cent reusable bags" Really? the stores by me charge $1+ for those reusable bags. #FPM!!!!
  3. Dude, we are talking MILLIONS whatever the amount if I won, I'm all set.
  4. Hailing all frequencies - Uhura. RIP.
  5. I don't care about Ford but this: The United Spot on Instagram: "Listen closely" is pure prophecy.
  6. We know that criminals do not read signs so I have this question, CC is legal, and a business forbids CC, God forbid, something happens, can we sue the business for not allowing us to defend ourselves? I totally agree with the 'We don't want your business' argument but still.
  7. Well, the sign says: OPENLY carrying, concealed is another thing.
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