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  1. Wow, 27 hrs. Sounds sweet. Hoping mine is 27 days or less lol. How is it now if you have recently tried? So I’ve seen. Hoping to get lucky! Manalapan, fairly small town. Hopefully it will be sooner than 2 months. Hoping for 1 month.
  2. Just an update: I was able to get through and speak to someone in the firearms office. I asked about the consent form for mental health. He told me that I already consented when I did the application online and there was no need to fill the form or bring one in. Figured if others were in my position with the same question, that this would help. My criminal bg check was already done. The person I spoke with, said it’d probably be 2 months before I hear back. I hope not, but we shall see.
  3. I have called about 5 times and once to their primary number, which then sent me to the original number I’ve been calling. And the call always goes to a recorded message. Might be better to go there and hopefully get the day(s)/hour(s) the person works, so I can finish this last piece.
  4. That’s the problem, trying to figure out what to do next, but no way of finding out. Think I’ll head over to the PD and ask. Unless someone else knows. Thanks for the help!
  5. Looks good... I’m actually looking at purchasing my first gun (when my fire id comes in). The p320 x 5 legion and the p365 were my top two choices atm. Looking at maybe the p229 as well.
  6. I haven’t from 2010-13. Apparently can’t go to local PD if not an emergency, then you get an answering machine when you call and emailed over a week ago. So I’m curious if I need to just bring the form signed to the local pd, or bring the form there and sign it in front of them.
  7. Last week I applied for my firearms id and gun permit. I noticed that they also needed a consent for Mental Health record search. Did the initial application that I filled out have that as part of the application process? Because I saw two questions about mental health on the application. Or do I need to fill out the consent for mental health form separately? Appreciate any clarity. Thank You!
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