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  1. I will pick up if within Union county, otherwise please include shipping w/ tracking. Thanks.
  2. Get the non-pistol grip with threaded barrel instead. When laws change you can swap the stock much easier than threading your barrel. The gun is ugly anyway, grip or not (I have one).
  3. Yeah thanks. I already got the pass and the guns... now only need to make myself willing to drive 2 hours without knowing if it will be overly crowded. Perhaps I will try it next weekend.
  4. Right. I have membership there though. Membership is cheap and quite useful for some ammo purchases recently. Order > $45 is free ship. But yeah, of course DIY is always the most cost effective.
  5. Looking good. But the cost to build that is roughly $35 while this base is also $35, just missing two 1x2x6. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/hyskore-target-hound-portable-target-stand?a=2198993 I'm buying that one and will write a review once I get it.
  6. Thanks. I think they'd be setup the same way. I also found photos of some black backstop on Google maps.
  7. Thanks for your reply and sorry if my topic wasn't make it clear when I say "about PA public shooting ranges". Yes I meant the game commission ranges. Also do you have info on the target frame/stand rather than the permit?
  8. Problem is I don't have the stand, so if I'm to buy want then I will need to skip this weekend.
  9. It's not in NJ but I hope someone here has been shooting there and can help to answer my question: Regarding PA Carbon & Lehigh ranges: Do we need to bring our own target stand/frame, or if there are enough stand/frame that we can just put our paper target on? It's 2 hours drive and I just don't want to go back without shooting because there's no target stand. Much appreciated.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to look for an adjustable stock that's still considered fixed and legal here. What do you think about the Magpul PRS GEN3? https://magpul.com/prs-gen3-precision-adjustable-stock.html?mp_global_color=118
  11. CLOSED WTB Mossberg 500 12 gauge vent rib barrel 24" or 26" w/ choke tubes Black color. No rust, no shooting issue. Minor scratches are ok.
  12. Is there any sight seeing or facility or anything that my wife & daughter can kill time with?
  13. Fair enough I suppose. Anyway, I've set my mind to buy a 26" barrel for my Mos 500 to get it all started... once the hunter course can be completed and the squirrel season begins. Thanks everyone for your replies.
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