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  1. Thanks for the reply, but I've checked the state park hunting areas list at https://www.njparksandforests.org/parks/docs/hunting_areas.pdf What you were saying - "Some state parks will allow deer hunting to control the population, but no small game." - I think is more accurate regarding county parks, not state parks. For this SP, it says 84% open to hunting so I'm trying my best to not step foot on the remaining 16%. Just for contrast, Hacklebarney has very clear instruction on this matter at https://chestertownship.org/township-committees/parks/hunting-information/ and that's why I'm trying to find the same info on Pigeon Swamp.
  2. If that info were in the digest I wouldn't have to ask for it here... If you can help me to point it out from the digest then that will be very much appreciated.
  3. Hello I am planning to find some squirrels at the Pigeon Swamp when the season starts. That will be my first time hunting ever. But I can't find any info on the hunting areas within the park, nor where hunting is restricted due to park visitors. Does any one have any information or past experience hunting there?
  4. End of the day root of the problem is still at the pro-criminal mindset of NJ's lawmakers, governor and court system.
  5. Could be good & could be bad. Who knows what's going on in the liberals' mind... like "Gun for me but not for thee" kind of thing. Maybe they think "ok now I got the gun, let's vote for stronger gun control so the thugs won't have one". Or they may just not be able to connect gun control with voting at all...
  6. Right, so another reason is the ban of legal insurance (what Murphy called "murder insurance"). Not even when CC, I don't even think it's more pleasant when you had to shoot in your home.
  7. Personally I don't think no concealed carry is a deterring factor of gun ownership. Carrying is just the second priority and won't cancel out the need to have one in home by itself. The reason why I put hunting there is that many people will go for bow/arrow instead, thus reducing the chance for them to get their first gun.
  8. Lol that depends on the school district & county I believe.
  9. Spent all my budget for Aug & Sep on the new AR. Bookmarking this for later.
  10. NJ = Dems gov + Dems legislature + liberal court Can't expect anything good nowadays. Murphy got the balls to order mass mail-out ballot and no one was stopping him. What else can't he do? I too wanted to leave so badly but my wife's occupation only available in major cities in CA, Chicago, and Michigan, which are even worse. We both may find new job in Texas but it's just too hot over there. But of course if our property tax is going to increase next year, that can be the final straw.
  11. Hmm this could be chicken and egg issue. We have too few gun owners because ridiculous gun control laws/fees? We are losing 2A battles because we have too few gun owners? These might've also been contributing factors to low gun ownership: - Lack of rural areas. Almost everywhere is built up with dense population, thus restrictive local ordinances - Ridiculous hunting regulations and firearm restrictions. No .22LR for small games and no .308 for deer? common... - Everything is expensive, from range membership, tax, etc... - Liberal mindset of not needing a gun, and/or seeing guns as evil as a whole. I hope they've learned their lesson by now. - Weak Castle Doctrine & use of force. Criminals are protected.
  12. Yeah thanks I've done that a coupe weeks ago. Awaiting for the season now.
  13. I too want to explore this some day soon... What do you think is the cost to entry? like tools, machinery, etc...? And when you say "reloading" I assume that you pick the spent brass and reload them, right? Does it help during this shortage period if I just want to make my own ammo from brand new brass?
  14. Yes mine is free float too, and they included two shims and that tells me some timing is needed. I didn't ask him if the shims were used or not.
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