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  1. Got time this morning. I’m in old bridge it’s about an hour. Text me at (347) 406-4115
  2. I appreciate your feed back and what you listed is exactly what Ive done so far. The bullet in question was #9 in a 10rnd mag. I stopped shooting, pulled the mag and popped the round out and proceeded to inspect the gun and barrel. I did check the remaining rounds for OAL and crimp and all seemed fine. Unfortunately I didn't have a bullet puller so I ordered one. Ill check them but Im pretty confident powder was on point. So after inspecting the gun and having someone check it , the gun is ok nothing was damaged and I wasn't hurt thankfully. I really enjoy this hobby but I am new to it and have a whole lot to learn. However I really need to find the cause. So formular was Hodgdon Titegroup , OAL was 1.1 , 4.1 grs, 115gr rn, Federal small pistol primer
  3. So I started reloading a couple months ago. Did a few sets of test rounds. Everything went great. About 200+ rounds later I experienced this. Does anyone know why this would happen? It hasn’t happened again and didn’t damage the gun.
  4. So Im at the point where Im fine tuning my guns. I absolutely hate the trigger on my M&P 9mm. I come to realize that I want a flat trigger with less creep. I've heard good things about apex tactical triggers. Anyone have any experience with these? Any other triggers you guys think I should look into?
  5. Well took it apart and the bolt released, no light primer strike. Lack of pulling the ch fully back is the reason why it happened. Alls well that ends well.
  6. Nah. I figured I’d do some research about it before I messed with it. However like I said if there was no pinned stock rule it would’ve been fixed already. The good part is it’s not broke so really nothing needs to be fixed. It just needs to be cleared.
  7. No. Can’t open the action. Safety is stuck in off position and trigger is locked. And it’s a live round.
  8. I was told that by collapsing the stock and using the mortaring technique would release the bolt. It involves pulling the charging handle while Giving the butt of the stock a jolt on the floor. But because it’s pinned , at best I break the pin at worst I break the stock.
  9. So..... I went shooting today with AR. I shot about 200 rounds , 100rds of 223 and 100rds of 556. The rifle really is a pleasure to shoot. Then...... it happened. I thought the magazine seated properly ....but it didn't. The bolt carrier locked , the safety locked as well as the trigger ....ugh. As the noob I am my first reaction was omg I broke it. Later to learn that its a simple fix. Well not so simple when you have a pinned stock. So we have a nj state law that's says I have to have a pinned stock which is obstructing me from fixing my AR. unbelievable! Just a rant and a bit of frustration!
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