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  1. Here's a scenario. I legally own a pistol and live with 3 other adults that do not have a firearms purchase ID card. In a home invasion, besides myself, who can leaglly use the pistol for self defense?
  2. Well, I am a brand new pistol shooter so I am looking to develop a sound, foundational base of skills. I purchased my pistol for home defense.
  3. I completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course and would like to know what you recommend for the next level of pistol training. I live in north Jersey and am willing to travel. Thanks
  4. came across this https://www.nraila.org/articles/20200309/licensed-security-guard-arrested-under-new-jersey-s-self-defense-ammunition-band#:~:text=New Jersey is the only,In District of Columbia v.
  5. This is horrible. I wonder if there any case law that addresses it.
  6. The statute says that they are illegal, yet they can be possessed and transported. Very ambiguous...
  7. According to the statute that was cited in the above post, hollow point can not be used for self defense purposes. Correct?
  8. My question pertains to a non-NFA other firearm like the Troy. Thanks.
  9. In NJ, when purchasing a firearm that is classified as “other” do you need a handgun permit or will a firearms ID suffice? Thanks
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