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  1. That too, the whole thing makes very little sense other than they were just scared and went into panic mode. No real thoughts, just blam blam blam, what sucks is there will be no repercussion but if anyone else did something even remotely similar prison.
  2. I might be late to the party on this but.. You need to boot off a stick because you cant' resize a mounted partition. Used Gparted instead of disks, if you're still looking for help post here since I'm subbed I'll see it. What's your current partition scheme? Also as everyone said there is risk so backs up my help.
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be in the minority in this one, but the federal government warning about terrorists coming over the border reminds me of this meme. It sounds like just another excuse for a power grab, like they did with Patriot Act. I trust the federal government as much as the illegals, they both hate us and want to steal our cookies.
  4. LOL what's funny is they mag dump, and reload, not one time moving to cover or at concealment. What kind of training is that to just stand there? And this is Texas, iirc, I'd expect some kind of gun culture type common sense amongst every one there.
  5. They're equally important IMHO, banning weapons because of features/ Accessories is just crazy. I guess it's been going on since the 1994 or whatever but to me it's slippery slope. I can carry 10 mags to work within a mag ban but the thought of being a felon because my a weld isn't strong enough or a roll pin in falls out is nuts. Maybe tomorrow a butt pad on the stocks will be banned feature, because it helps those damn MAGAs shoot more than 10 rounds before their shoulders are sore and bruised. Plus I really want a folding stock adapter or maybe just a collapsible stock would help them fit better in the safe so maybe I'm just biased.
  6. Listen you gun nuts terrorists, a stock that moves makes the gun a lot more deadly. Joy Behard told me that you can't eat a deer shot with a fifty five point six because there is no meat left just an explosion of pink slime. If the stock folds it i'll fire double the rate and triple the velocity so fast that all deer in the area just explode. Someone think of the children!!!!! I'd assume MFG really want to cover their asses when selling into the state.
  7. Sounds like my man was the beneficiary of the one of the following us gov programs , Ukrainian laundromat, Afghanistan Fun Surplus, or The ATF is Too Fast and Too Furious . That or he forgot to kick up the vig to politicians and they came down on him. That's a lot of stuff not to have been noticed before.
  8. Politicians don't care if the cattle shoot each other, the only reason behind gun control is to save themselves from the plebs and get some of that sweet Bloomberg Everytown and Moms demand action sugar cash. Edit: Ok I forgot they also love and dependency the power that comes from being sole arbiter of protection
  9. Ferris

    New Pythons

    I have a CZ/Colt stainless python (4.25") and love it. I was thinking of finding a classic one but a new blued might win out.
  10. Just an FYI , Doctors are not federal agents (YET) you can just lie to them.
  11. Well there goes my my business venture I was hoping to start march 9th that manufactured guns made of plastic, wood and with a barrel made from dried rigatoni pasta. I'm pretty sure 99% of the big brain "Adults in charge" wouldn't even graduate the 1 st grade.
  12. Welcome to the strongest economy ever
  13. Didn't the FBI arrest some guy in NY for stock piling supplies(masks, TP and hand sanitizer) during covid?
  14. Brah come on, finding new and creative ways to milk the tax cattle, stripping of the plebs of all rights , getting those special privies (to break laws as you'd like) and funneling money to your buddies is hard work, they earned that raise.
  15. Brah 8 Tracks, I live off the grid... But for real though I always get a giggle when the news talk about someone having 200 rounds in their home, like they were stock piling for a war and all I think that's probably the loose change in my couch cushions.
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