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  1. It’s my home state. I have family and friends there. I plan on buying a mobile/manufactured home in NH to play hockey on frozen ponds and shoot competitions.
  2. I actually called my home town police dept and asked. I’d rather just keep driving past Texas and NJ and stop in NH - which I will eventually.
  3. I know. I know. What’s this mean?
  4. Will I get denied? Will a doctor’s letter help?
  5. I’m looking to move back to NJ next year. I’ve been taking antidepressants for the past 11 months here in California. How should I go about dealing with the question 26 and the mental health record search?
  6. I live in California and will be purchasing a SW Shield 9 mm subcompact ca compliant. If I want to move back driving cross country to NJ, would it be allowed in NJ? Also, do I have to register the firearm or register myself as an owner? Does NJ have a gun roster? What are the laws driving cross country? Can I just ship the gun to a NJ address?
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