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  1. Not a revolver person. High muzzle flip turns me off. Higher powered cartridges and barrel-wrist-arm alignment make revolvers somewhat less comfortable to me to shoot. However, (call me a gun pervert ), lately I've been eyeing item below: Lower bore axis makes this thing really appealing to shoot. Checked some videos on YouTune. Seems very nice. Almost no muzzle flip. Very controllable due to great barrel alignment. However, there is one thing that might not be great. Since it shoots from bottom cylinder, fire blast is very close to fingers. Your grip should be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Yeah. Really like stainless steal(slide) and aluminum alloy(frame) combination. Saves weight. Feels great. I chose 75 in part, because it’s the closest thing to a well built 1911 without going over a grand. If I could have found it locally, with 10 round mags. It’d be less than $600. But even with out of state order, FFL transfer and mag rebuilds (hi Murphy, hope you have nightmares) It came down to less than $700. Still not too bad. Considering Glocks are now retailing at around same $700 as well.
  3. Was looking for an all metal one as well. Wanted something to last and ideally pass to my kids. Also something that shoots well. Was thinking about 1911. But the good ones seem to be priced over a grand. Sigs, P226, P228 and P229 look good. But they were hard to come by during current pandemic, and also seem to be a bit heavy at 32 oz weight point. Had similar troubles with Beretta 92X and Centurion. Finally, just by pure luck, found my favorite CZ 75D PCR online, and snatched it same minute. Apparently CZs are still somewhat "non-mainstream" guns. Which is great for me. Had my NICS completed just yesterday.
  4. By the same token. Is subsonic ammo legal in NJ? Or should I create another dedicated topic on this?
  5. At first I didn't believe you. Never looked at air guns before. And new very little about them. But after I did my research, I'm f**king shocked. it's true. BB/Pellet guns are considered firearms in NJ
  6. Any definitive answer from experts on this? Regular suppressors are illegal. But that’s not suppressor. That’s internally suppressed barrel.
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