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  1. Does the Nemesis meet the NJ carry requirement for retention of the firearm? I thought sleeve type holsters didn't.
  2. Thanks for the update, as it turns out I picked them up from Tread as they were too small for his j -frame. Guess what? Now they are too small for my 642. Lol. If anyone wants them, their new home is in Hazlet. Send me a DM.
  3. I'd be interested in the don hume if the sale falls through. Thx.
  4. We devolved from a society that used to love and care for our families and neighbors to one mostly of apathy and monetary pursuit. A lot of people with serious mental issues aren't being treated, just encouraged in their delusions imo.
  5. So they failed to enforce the law about involuntary commitment ergo you want more laws?
  6. My Dogs have been and will always be considered family. I'll leave it at that.
  7. What's a great safe to go with other than Tyranny/Liberty? I'm looking for burglar proof, fireproof, and true 50 gun capacity. Will store significant cash and gold. Also, how much should this run me with installation? Thanks guys
  8. Thanks, I appreciate any input. I'm more concerned with any possible transportation changes. I hope they didn't weaken the FID and now expect long guns to be from home to range with no stops like handguns.
  9. Just to be clear, the CCW laws affected long guns as the recent carry killer laws made no distinction between long guns and handguns, probably intentionally. (I am not asking for a CCW for a long gun as obviously that is not a thing.)
  10. Technically, but not practically, you could carry a long gun anywhere as long as it was 1. unloaded and 2. you possessed a FID.
  11. Can someone explain how the carry of unloaded long guns (with FID) has changed with all the new legislation related to CCW? I believe the sensitive places prohibition applies to long guns now. Is this correct and were the rules regarding transport of rifles changed? Thanks for any input. It's exhausting trying to remain a law abiding gun owner in this state.
  12. Go look at eBay, tons of brakes without manufacturers. If the cops question your device, what description are they going to go back to? Are they going to look at pictures on the Internet to match up your device to a listing on ebay? Maybe, I don't know. Further, as far as I am aware, no where in the statutes does it state they will look at the manufacturer description of the part to determine legality. We know what features generally make a brake/comp vs. hider. I don't think they have anything on that either in the law. They may really be using the pinky test as much as it upsets this crowd. If my understanding is incorrect, please point me towards the legal ref or statements from the NJSP on the topic. Otherwise, everyone is just posting opinions here.
  13. Obviously the size of the exit hole needs to be relative to the bullet diameter. The point is, what happens in the absence of manufacturer description?
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