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  1. Just finished up the field day (shotgun) at Clinton WMA. These people couldnt have been nicer or more informative and patient. I was worried too. As usual, I spent time worrying for absolutely no reason. Time I'll never get back wasted with worrying. I never learn. Now I'm sitting here waiting for AAA because I got a flat on the way here. So I got that going for me.....which is nice .
  2. Thanks again for all the info. I took the online course and passed it so now I gotta get signed up for the in person thing. There was no link (or the link didn't work or something) to set up a day. I think I'll call them and see what I gotta do. Thanks again
  3. Thank you for verifying the information regarding the license expiration date. Yes, when I said "apply" I was indeed referring to taking the safety class and whatnot. So the shotgun is an absolute necessity? As far as having to shoot one? There isn't an option of using a rifle instead? Thanks again for the details. Ken Edit* Nevermind I just read the How to get a hunting license post that is listed at the top of this hunting forum.
  4. Hello. Quick question. I'd love to use Clinton wildlife managenent area and want to get a hunting license to do so. I believe I read that the licenses expire at the end of the calandar year. Anybody know if thats true? If so I imagine it would be silly for me not to wait until January 2021 to apply right. One more thing. I only own a rifles and handguns. Do I need a shotgun to take a test of some sort? I only ask because I'm pretty sure a buddy of mine recently offered to let me 'borrow a shotgun for the test' Thanks Ken
  5. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Hogue makes a grip specifically for the XD-E so I ordered it and it feels way better. I'm gonna bring it to the range on Friday to see how it REALLY feels.
  6. I dropped mine off Monday night at the municipal building drop box. Not "received" yet. How can an election have ended and be called if they are not counted yet? I'm confused.
  7. I did not clean or oil anything. Just took it from the case, loaded it up and fired away. Thankfully no issues. I like it but going forward I'll probably only buy a gun that I've held in my hand instead of what I did this time. Truth be told the grip feels a bit too thin for my size hand. Not terrible but i feel that a larger grip would be better for me. I guess its that whole single stack magazine thing. I did read about this before purchasing but figured it would work well for my wife's smaller hands. She hasn't shot it yet. Otherwise I had the pleasure of firing a 44 magnum revolver today. Quite the experience for me. I'm certainly not against taking a good class. Or a bunch really. Unfortunately due to covid they say they have no lessons at this time.
  8. Well. I'm finally going to a range to fire this 9mm I bought. Since I've received it I've been getting familiar with it by using those fake rounds (snap caps?) I feel that for someone with my level of knowledge (lack of) of firearms those things have been great to have. I feel so much better after using them and learning the functions of the gun. So today will be the big day that I fire my first REAL rounds out of my first gun. I will be going to the range with my mom's husband who has a knowledge of firearms use and safety as he used to shoot often....back in the day. Hopefully I'll have a good/safe time and learn some more. Ken
  9. I bought some Hornady Critical Defense from them maybe 2 weeks ago. I sent them a pic of my FID and DL. They said I wont have to provide it in the future unless I move or my DL expires snd I get a new one. Smooth process. The lady I spoke to was very nice. What is training ammo btw? Ken
  10. I've been looking. Seems like so much isunavailable. Maybe i gotta start just walking into shops that don't require appointments and hope i stumble onto something. As opposed to my internet searching.
  11. 1k rounds 115gr 9mm fmj 100 rounds Hornady Critical Defense 115gr 9mm 1k rounds 36gr high velocity 22lr safety tips "hp" Ken
  12. Thats a really good point. Never thought of it that way. Yeah, i guess that about sums it up. I agree. Well thats good to know. I did read some negative things about SA after I paid for the pistol and was thinking "oh God, whats the chances I just decided to buy from a manufacturer that was involved in some 2A controversy not long ago" I just pictured the FFL receiving it and saying "who had this POS Springfield Armory gun sent to my place". I'll have to do a bit of research into this still. I wouldnt even know what to look for in a used gun. Id be very likely to buy some unsafe or worn gun or it would have missing pieces and I'd just take it home none the wiser. I'm just too ignorant at this time. Thank you for the information and your time Ken
  13. Hello So I may be a dope for this but I imagine I wont regret it (hopefully). I purchased 2 guns that I have never fired, picked up or even touched. I did this out of feeling of desperation. I wanted something to put in my empty gun cabinet and just kinda went with it. I feel like I didnt have time to treat these purchases they way i usually do. I would have preferred to go shoot different guns to find out what i like and narrow down based on that and cost and availability etc. But...ranges are busy, FFLs seem busy, ammo seems so unavailable and so on. So as I said I was having a feeling of desperation. I waiting to go pick one up at FFL this coming week and the other is on the way to FFL.(delayed) So I went with a Springfield Armory XD-E 9mm and a HENRY H004SE2 GOLDEN BOY 22LR SILVER EAGLE 2. I'd really like to get a shotgun next. Any recommendations? I don't plan on hunting. I guess I'd like to use to it to skeet shoot for fun but also perhaps home defense? Anyway I'm hoping for the best and no regrets. Ken
  14. I dont trust the whole thing. My wife has a ballot in her maiden name and her moms address as well as one with her current name and address. 2 different counties.
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