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  1. Check out Howell Gun Works. Follow them on FB. They had a couple KSGs this month at decent prices. Great FFL. Shooters in Little Egg Harbor also had some, but pricey. Good luck.
  2. “I’ll take it” per pm if deal falls through.
  3. If you find one, please advise. I need it too. TY
  4. Got the right mags from Beretta USA. Good pricing deals! Thanks Krdshrk for info. Mods please close.
  5. I'll Take It, all the 40 S&W (750 rounds). PM sent.
  6. "I'll Take It", the 500 rounds of PerFecta. Will follow up with PM.
  7. WTB factory Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm 10-Round Mags at reasonable price. Please PM with any proposals. I'm In the 08016 Burlington Area. TY
  8. Purchase no longer needed. Please remove post.
  9. Follow Howell Gun Works on FB. Last Friday they sold a Modmat Patrol and Wartime SBF. They're always getting in new and consignment in but goes quickly.
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