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  1. Purchase no longer needed. Please remove post.
  2. Follow Howell Gun Works on FB. Last Friday they sold a Modmat Patrol and Wartime SBF. They're always getting in new and consignment in but goes quickly.
  3. Appreciate your reply but picked up a 590 Persuader. I've updated post and deleting it. Thanks anyway, you'll have no problem selling yours. Good luck, Dave
  4. "I'll Take It" (2 Bricks) Winchester 22LR 40Gr HV RN Super-X 1255 FPS & (4 Bricks) Federal 22LR 40Gr game shok HV CC RN muzzle velocity 1240 FPS. Will follow up with PM on details.
  5. Hey Marty, I've got 500 rounds of 9mm & 500 rounds of .223 for sale. Will sell separately @ $250 for 500 rounds of either caliber, but nothing less than 500 rounds bulk sale. I will sell both calibers if interested. NIB and brass. Let me know if interested. Dave
  6. “I’ll take it” 1000 rounds of 9mm Luger. Will PM SL8R.
  7. Is ammo still available? Still coming up as avail but I also see SPF to Papulski. Just want to know status. TY
  8. "I'll Take It", 1500 rounds .40 S&W and 1000 rounds 9mm Luger. Will PM seller.
  9. Ok, no prob. Thanks for the heads up. I was just following the rules posted.
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