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  1. I have a G19 Gen 4 w/o FS (didn't come originally configured). Did you configure with an FS slide or was it an option when you bought it? Also, what did you mount on the RMR Slide? Holosun 508, 507 or 407? Would it have an affect on the sights you have mounted? Thanks
  2. I'll ask around. Going to FFL Saturday and ask them guys.
  3. Will the G17 Gen 5 slide fit on G19 Gen 4 frame? Or will it only work if on a G19 Gen 5 frame? Thanks
  4. "I'll Take It" based on info and specs requested in PM.
  5. Retract my offer due to unforeseen circumstances.
  6. I've got a Berretta CX4 Storm (9mm) and plenty of goodies to go with it if interested.
  7. Is price $150? I thought you posted $175. Are we bidding?
  8. Me too! 1800 rounds are a lot to go around. I'd be in for 400-500 rnds of mixed 357/38.
  9. Please advise if sale doesn't go through. TY
  10. Since Griz posted first on forum, it’s his. If sale falls through, I’ll take it per our PM. All yours Griz.
  11. Beretta CX4 Storm in 9mm (Black). Very good condition. Used but never fired since purchase in March 2021 from reputable Dealer. Beretta side accessory rail (mounted). Beretta CX4 Storm hard case. (4) Beretta M92F magazines (3 are new, still in packaging). (2) MecGar M9 magazines. Beretta sight tool. Beretta speed loader. Fake Shroud (Can) is attached. DeSantis M48 Storm Packer (attaches to butt stock and holds 2 magazines). Spent extra $ on mags and sighting tool. $900 firm (what I paid in 2021). I’m in Burlington County and willing to travel 30-45 minutes from 08016 area for transfer at a mutually agreed FFL. The first to post "I'll take it" on this forum establishes the buyer. Please follow up or ask any questions with a PM. Thanks for looking.
  12. I see you just added some 308. I'll take the 1000rnds 9mm and 40rnds 308. "I'll take it for our PM"
  13. "I'll Take It" "500rds of ball ammo. About half is American eagle 124gr and the other is blazer brass 115gr."
  14. "I'll take it" if first offer falls through.
  15. Sold? "I'll take it" If no longer available, please advise in post or ask Mods to delete. Thanks
  16. I have 1000 rounds of .40 S&W (Herter's) 180 gr FMJ for $500. I'm located 08016 Burlington. PM if you're interested. Thanks
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