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  1. Please if you recently bought an EZ shield; this might apply to you. Be safe Click Link: https://www.nrawomen.com/content/safety-recall-notice-m-p-shield-ez-pistol/?fbclid=IwAR0RMpE6dKI0H10E9dMXnV6npl53uQHlH-adoUzrRfy_Q-IXNZJK-0mFUjA
  2. RTSP randolph have them in stock right now.
  3. I’ll take 223 brass- 300 rds 100 rds 9mm
  4. Over 100 day since application.. Still no permits Approved 15 days ago PD is still not calling me to pick up permit. Help please?
  5. It’s been two weeks since i was approved; i received the approval from njportal. But PD is still not issuing permit & P2P. When i’m lucky to reach the detective over the phone, she keep saying she will contact me. I think it’s too long at this point and outrageous. Any help? 100 days since date of application/90days since Fingerprint, background, & ref were sent.
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