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  1. My question which courses would you guys recommend one to take to be prepared when New Germany put out all their requirements? NRA HANDGUN BASIC SHOOTING OR Introduction to basic of handgun?
  2. Sold to @straight shooter please close..
  3. *PM ME FOR PICTURES/ Price reduction to 675$
  4. MP 15 chamber in 5.556/223 upper sitting on a brand new Anderson lower. (Fairly new, have put about 100 rounds into it). Price: $700 only for rifle ( no red dot) $800 rifle + Sig Sauer Red Dot Romeo 5. My pictures won’t upload here. Pm me i’ll send pics. Willing to meet at your desirable FFL. *Preferably anywhere in Union or middlesex county. First to comment “i’ll take it” and send me a PM secure this sale.
  5. 300 rounds of 15 boxes of 20 rds 5.56 PMC FMJ 55 grains. $240 for 5.56 willing to meet around Union or middlesex county First to comment “I’ll take it” wins the sale follow by a PM.
  6. Still looking.. poster never got back to me.
  7. Post a pic of glock 19x here. You can’t receive messages. 

  8. Just sent you a pm. Respond directly or You can pm me by typing my username.
  9. Pm me about both.. pictures would help. I can’t pm on the forum idk why.
  10. WTB Glock 19X pm me or comment if you have it or have a reference.
  11. Hey guys Just return Ira’s call and he said my upper is ready and done. He actually said he will not charge me for this because of the exceeded time. In conclusion , the upper did take too long, however i applaud him for getting to the end of this in a respect manner. I will pick up Friday. @JT Custom Guns thanks for contacting him.
  12. I spoke to him last wednesday. I will give him a call again tomorrow since they were close today. However He got my upper since dec 23 rd. I’ll update everyone on this..
  13. Yeah that does not sound like someone who’s doing honest business. As of now i will give him until this wenesday to call me so i can pick my stuff or will request his store to give it back even the work is not unfinished. A month to gunsmith an upper is insane, especially when he did not give me a heads up.
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