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  1. Appreciate you all checking it out. His resume is listed in the description of the video. He is a psychotherapist and part time professor at NYU, among other things you can read there The goal of the organization is not to dunk on other people for difference of opinion. It’s evident I had a vastly different opinion than him, but the goal is to talk it out and let the audience react and decide how they feel. Dwight is a very nice and respectful guy. We are planning to bring him on another panel for a totally different topic as well. As for the veracity of the arguments - I leave that up to the audience.
  2. Join us tonight at 9:05pm for a discussion with some distinguished gun control advocates as we address 2nd amendment issues in NJ taking live comments and questions from the audience https://youtu.be/8_ClZg11GsQ
  3. Not only is this the right idea (and what I pushed 2A groups to do for 8 years, and I was scoffed at during certain meetings by certain people) but it establishes a precedent of denial, so that when someone actually does fall victim to crime after rejection, which is inevitable, it hurts the state’s narrative even more. I think the rejections and the racial angle would have solved this quickly, but the groups with resources, again, laughed at me. So here I am now with our own group and this is my very small way of contributing and being accountable until I can have a larger impact.
  4. We covered this in the video. That question exists in our own state. The only thing you’d have to say is check yes and the reason being “lack of justifiable need” it doesn’t just suddenly turn you into a criminal and it doesn’t make you disqualified from owning a firearm.
  5. Thank you all for the kind words. We are looking forward to seeing how this plays out. @Smokin .50 feel free to contact us at https://www.bluestarunion.com/contact-us.html
  6. I think you’re sort of reverse engineering this the entire purpose is to have scotus as the backstop. You can’t get there without a case. These are first steps - 1 of many people doing it. so it inherently isn’t fruitless - you can’t get a scotus decision unless people apply and get rejected. And you can’t build awareness until there are mass rejections a conversation can’t happen without content to discuss everyone is entitled to apply. The police cannot refuse to accept your application. They can lie to you , but it’s up to you to ensure they take it. Them refusing to take your documents is an amazing lawsuit unto itself. All are wins when framed correctly.
  7. Hey everyone - I recently fulfilled all the necessary pre-requisites and submitted my own application to carry. When the application is eventually rejected, we will have backing from an outside national organization to help with the appeal. I will be providing step-by-step updates on the process so New Jerseyans can catch a real glimpse into the process. feel free to subscribe to the channel to hear the latest. We look forward to joining this effort to overturn these obnoxious, discriminatory laws in New Jersey. We are putting our money where our mouth is and taking the plunge. you can watch our announcement here:
  8. We need all the 2A voices we can get involved! looking forward to meeting you. feel free to contact us privately if you ever want to speak offline. otherwise, should be a blast!
  9. Hey 2A brothers + sisters: We are hosting yet another live podcast party where all guests are welcome to join in on the microphone/head table. We will have 4 mics set up with a camera recording live in front of the party audience! All topics are on the table, with a special focus on politics and the election. We also have 3 business sponsors generously providing gift cards and prizes which will be raffled off throughout the night ONLY TO GUESTS WHO RSVP (https://www.bluestarunion.com/live-events.html) -- you can read details on this link and RSVP in our response form to automatically be included in the raffle. The guests drive the discussion - Come have a drink with us in a friendly, uncensored environment where people can speak freely and share some laughs. October 16, 2020 @ 9:00pm Ristorante Maietta 11 Tennent Avenue Englishtown, NJ 07726
  10. Hey 2A brothers + sisters: You all may know me from my work with NJ2AS - my name is Daniel Francisco and we have started a new 501c3 in New Jersey focusing on civil rights, with an intense focus on the second amendment The social aspect will be a critical part of this community. We launched a podcast a few months ago and we often attend protests or political events to interview various attendees. We are aiming to hold a monthly party where we record a live podcast with 4 microphones and 1 camera. Guests are free to join and either watch the banter from the background while eating and drinking - or they are always welcome to come provide a counterpoint or idea on the microphone. The party "episode" will then be uploaded into our regular podcast rotation. This will become the most fun liberty-oriented movement in the state. This is not a "whitepaper"-type group. This organization is about making new connections, pushing the civil rights envelope, and challenging perspectives. The details for our live event in Englishtown are on the following link: https://www.bluestarunion.com/home/announcement-91320-inaugural-live-podcast-event-ristorante-maietta-in-englishtown-nj-doors-open-at-700pm-youre-invited If you'd like to join us, all you have to do is contact me on our website on the link above (or on any of our socials via a private message) And let me know how big your party is. You are welcome to come alone as well and make new friends. The civil rights fight is dead in NJ - in a wasteland bereft of character and balls. It's time to show people that statism is bad, and liberty is fun. Feel free to join our socials, subscribe to your youtube channel and podcast, and hit us with your feedback. We also have an open-mic policy with our podcast; if you have a compelling dialogue to have, we will accommodate and make an episode out of it. Come have a drink with us! September 13, 2020 @ 7:00pm Ristorante Maietta 11 Tennent Avenue Englishtown, NJ 07726
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