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  1. I hear you Jack, I assumed as much from my research. But with the way the ATF worded their statement I wanted to make sure no one else has an issue before I look to purchase a "Other". I am really liking the 9mm Troy A4 from what I have seen online. Looking forward to checking one out in person. Thank you!
  2. I completely understand that, but like I said being new to all this "other" designation and want to make sure I am not giving myself any headaches. You know how touchy people are these days.... Thanks for the all the info and advice I appreciate it!
  3. Ha, thanks I figured I'd get some flack for it. I'm new to all of this. All my firearms are stock and never had to worry about any legal issues before. Thank you for the reply.
  4. Long time hand gun shooter, but new to AR style firearms. I have been doing a ton of research and am interested in purchasing a "Other" firearm specifically a Troy A4. I understand what makes a "other" firearm, and why. Excuse my ignorance but by design the Other has a adjustable brace which is not designed to be shouldered. And from what I understand you are not allowed to or only under certain circumstances("sporadic, incidental, or situational")? But every video I have watched of someone firing a "other" firearm has it on their shoulder like any other rifle. I am referencing this blog which was about the only 2020 related article I could find regarding the ATF's stance. But how does that apply in NJ? https://www.80lowerjig.com/blogs/80-lower-blog/can-you-shoulder-an-ar15-pistol-brace-in-2020/ So if I purchase one, and bring it to the range, and I going to be called out for shouldering it? Like I said please dont flame me too much Im new, and just trying to understand this tricky world of NJ gun laws. If this is in the wrong section, I apologize. Please move it, or I will repost in the appropriate section.
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