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  1. Got a SUB 2000 and a Ruger PCC. Prefer the Ruger myself. Can't wait to watch this.
  2. Goya got it going on. Big fan of the black beans.
  3. Appreciate the sentiments, but we're not so bad off. Our savings took a hit. But we both found alternative lines of work--primarily WFH options that have served us extremely well. Just sucks to see the hard work go down the drain.
  4. Had a roomba for a while, wasn't as awesome as I thought. We swapped back over to a manual vacuum after. Dyson Ball Animal. And yes, I know it was pricey. But the wife and I actually fight about who gets to use it. Love that thing.
  5. I swear, the image of an AH-64 just popped into my head.
  6. Wasn't this like the souped up Cobalt SS?
  7. Nice! Wish I could have one right now... However, gotta finish up my run of TB meds before the wife will even let me get near another. Had to give away a whole box of Romeo y Julieta Romeo No.2's once I found I caught it. No way am I just gonna sit there and watch those stale away.
  8. We had an emergency fund set up prior to the COVID. And only have one credit card that uses primarily for renting movies from Google. Got no other debts either. However, we got smacked pretty hard when COVID hit. It's just time to rebuild and get back to business as usual.
  9. Is it just me or am I the only one who seeing these for the first time? HAHAHA
  10. Not sure I'm about the message, but the delivery is spot on. Bravo Zulu.
  11. Now that's a novel idea for a Christmas gift. I wonder if anyone makes a chess set with spent brass.
  12. Hot damn! That's a nice looking bird. I'm a white meat guy myself too...
  13. Man, you seen the people out there making case art?
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