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  1. I have several of their red dots and have had no complaints other than my eyes are terrible and the dot is a smear, distance with the RD is a challenge, but this micro prism blows it out of the water for me vs a red dot.
  2. Installed a red dot on my Zastava 7.62x39, it was ok, not a huge fan of red dots, my eyes are not the greatest and no magnification doesn’t help, didn’t want to install a scope, the rifle is heavy enough without one, decided on the 3x micro prism, sighted it in this morning, ran 100 rounds with it, very impressed, the chevron is awesome, clear and super easy to pick up. The raptor reticle is minimalist enough for my taste, the green chevron is much easier for me than red, ranging, windage built in, 3x is just enough for me to stretch some shots and not to much for in close, once dialed in for my eyes no glasses needed. The amount of mounting options they include is fantastic, very happy with the purchase. Anyone else use one of these?
  3. The wife and I have had it for years, we travel to NC frequently and enjoy not loosing stations every 50 miles, once the subscription runs out it’s just a phone call to get back to the $92 all in cost, they gave up on the haggling and offer the same rate up front.
  4. If you find yourself at Weshoot on a Sunday morning send me a PM, I can bring my wife’s .380 EZ, Sig 365xcomp macro and the Browning for you to try. The sig has a red dot on it also. I just handled the PDP F with the 3.5in barrel Sunday, very nice pistol.
  5. My wife has settled on this pistol. https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/pistols/1911-380/black-label-1911-380-compact.html But I think I am going to pick up a medallion pro compact for her. Small, very light, shoot like a dream, very small to conceal and has little kick for a .380.
  6. Purdy wall ornaments ;-) The 507 is a great optic, have the same on my sig, if I had another hand gun in need I would snatch it up. No plate needed on the 365 which is nice. GLWTS
  7. One inch grouping. Apologies.
  8. Picked up my first AK, Zastava M70 Serbian Red furniture, was going to order an ALG trigger after reading horror stories about the notoriously bad trigger, glad I didn’t, I actually like the trigger it came with. The iron sights on it are very easy to get use to, contemplated adding a red dot, but in all honesty, the iron sights are just fine. Surprisingly the rifle was hitting 1 MOA at 25 yards out of the box, even with my terrible eyes. Another caliber to stock up on. Lol
  9. TSUSA is loosing $8 a case on every sale for subscribers. Free shipping on full cases without subscription. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-blazer-brass-9mm-luger-ammo-124-grain-full-metal-jacket-5201-p-4172.aspx
  10. Death Wish Coffee Its from upstate NY, love it.
  11. Another vote for a 1911 9mm, my Springfield armory RO target is hands down my favorite range toy, add a mag well and 10 round mags are a pleasure to plink with.
  12. https://www.shootersnj.com/products/handguns-smith-wesson-163504-022188635041-2950
  13. I have been lusting after a Tomcat for many months, wanted a small caliber for the home and something the wife would be comfortable shooting, had one in my hand 6 weeks ago that was on sale the week before, the FFL wouldn’t drop the price to the sale price so I passed. Glad I did, the following week this went on sale, https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/pistols/1911-380/black-label-1911-380-compact.html picked it up and very happy I did, very small, easy to shoot, very accurate and not a single failure in 400 rounds. It’s a very very small 1911 pistol.
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