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  1. No one has used this round?
  2. Anyone have any experience with this round, been thinking about adding an upper to go with my AR, it would be used for white tail, from what I have read it sounds like a nice option for deer season. Currently I use a 30–30 lever which is perfectly fine, just looking to expand a bit.
  3. I’m still voting for ping pong, maybe a better choice.
  4. Maybe ping pong would be a better hobby.
  5. https://gunmagwarehouse.com/blog/stephen-hunter-the-assault-weapon-massacres-of-1964/?goal=0_0d355b7f6d-e01f6f802c-428940628&mc_cid=e01f6f802c&mc_eid=ec44ae8018 Good read, and the comments also. IMHO
  6. You will enjoy the visit, took a tour a few years back and was just in AWW thinking this massive ship roamed the earth. Pictures just don’t cut it…
  7. Crazy it’s taking 3+ months to straighten this out.
  8. On a recommendation from a board member here I purchased the LaRue MBT-2s tactical trigger for an M&P 15-22, very nice trigger, maybe not high end but, it was like night and day compared to the stock trigger it came with, for $107 shipped, I would purchase another if I was in need of a trigger. Im just a plinker but the trigger made a world of difference.
  9. PPK… Two words, slide bite. Tried it once, my big paws didn’t play well with it. You wouldn’t think but the Beretta Tomcat is a hoot to shoot. You can conceal it anywhere in the house.
  10. Redeye65

    New Member

    Welcome aboard.
  11. Totally agree with this, I have guy’s that work in my company that if you took away their cell phones they would cry. They almost live in an alter reality with their face buried in their phones, and computer games. One guy who is one of the worst started talking about a girlfriend, his coworkers asked him if she was human.
  12. Redeye65

    New here...

    Lol, there is a lot of that going around lately. Welcome aboard. What was your first hand gun purchase? Mine was a Beretta, from there it’s been all a blur.
  13. If any of the cars are decent you can also donate the vehicle, I used the American heart association once, they show up with a flat bead, remove the car and give you a receipt that you use as a deduction on income tax. If I remember my deduction was for $4,800.
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