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  1. The 92x performance is the easiest pistol to shoot, follow up shots are super easy, it’s weight plays a big factor. Love the sights. If you haven’t handled one yet do so, the weight is quite a bit. The included full back strap is like having glue on your hand. My LGS had a colt Delta Elite in stock two weeks ago, it’s on my short list.
  2. Dave, I’m leaving for NC Saturday, spending the week, following weekend I’ll be away also, but the next I’ll be back and will PM you if the rifle is still available, would like to come to you and take a look. Good Luck with the sale, although I do hope it doesn’t sell. Marty
  3. Overhead garage doors -14 weeks Trying to do an end of year Hi-Lo order, one company quoted 66 week lead time, second company quoted 32 week lead time. In September I ordered 2 new roofs for two of our buildings, one building is 132,000 sq ft the other is 100,000 sq ft, no small order, was told maybe February-March for delivery, who installs a roof in the middle of winter. Dock levelers, none exist in the USA, I have had to look to Canada for any inventory. Propane! There is plenty of propane, the problem is they have no drivers to deliver the tanks.
  4. My wife still uses AOL mail. I was going to say the same thing, not asking for money or to buy silver.
  5. Normashooting.com 9mm $17.99 a box, code VET11 saves another 11%, free shipping over $150 FID upload required, signature required.
  6. Redeye65

    Lever guns

    I have a Henry all weather 30-30, love it. I avoid the lever guns when I'm there, I keep eyeing this from afar, if I get to close they (any firearm) seem to come home with me. Winchester Repeating Arms 1892 Carbine 534196141 | Shooters Sporting Center (shootersnj.com)
  7. Redeye65

    Lever guns

    Without a side gate you load the rifle from the front through the tube. With a side gate you can load it from the front through the tube or through the side gate in the receiver.
  8. Redeye65

    Lever guns

    If you’re not looking for a side gate.. https://www.shootersnj.com/products/rifles-henry-h006m-619835060020-2950
  9. Ordered from Natchez Wednesday morning, delivery date set for Friday by 9pm, no signature required.
  10. The forward grip is a no name off Amazon for 15 bucks.
  11. Picked up the cheapest 9mm Hi-Point carbine I could find, bought the Hightower Armory bullpup conversion, takes 20 minutes to put it all together, installed the JSARMSCO shroud/compensator and the trigger spring kit, cleaned up the trigger nicely, installed a red dot I had lying around. Gave it to my wife who is 4'11", she loves it, fits her perfectly. Minimal recoil and a really fun range gun, with the red dot you can split hairs, very accurate. Once the holiday sales start I would imagine you could build this for $600 or less, cost me $680 all in. Next up is a Hi-Point .45 carbine/bullpup for me.
  12. With tax, 750 rounds comes to 36 cents per round to your door.
  13. Natchez CCI Blazer Brass 9mm $16.99 a box + free shipping if you spend $250
  14. My go to, fast shipping to nj, very reliable. https://www.natchezss.com/ammunition/handgun-ammo.html
  15. Youtube taught me how to clean all my guns, some very in-depth videos and some basic videos. I knew how to field strip and clean my first hand gun even before I picked it up. Dont sweat it, it will become easy, and possibly enjoyable.
  16. Not sure if this is the model you’re looking for. https://www.shootersnj.com/products/handguns-smith-wesson-11822-022188871333-2950
  17. Stopped in Weshoot tonight, they have an M&P 2.0 full size to rent.
  18. And they are very busy, don’t go often mostly to shop. They were making you sign a list and wait outside until called. Weshoot can get busy but I have never waited for a lane to open. Pretty sure anywhere you go will have an M&P 2.0.
  19. Bring the significant other! Once you join a range and have your FID card you can go solo, by then you will have your own handgun, and can rent solo.
  20. Eye and ear protection, if you don’t have your own and a couple targets also, figure $80 to rent one hand gun.
  21. That, and less likely to turn the gun on yourself. I could be wrong but I do not think you can rent without a second person with you at any range. Without an FID card. prepare yourself for the cost also, lane rental $20, gun rental $10-$25 and you have to buy their ammo if you rent $30-$40
  22. Two in ocean county that rent with only a driver license are, Weshoot and Shore Shot pistols range. Both require 2 people to to rent a hand gun, you can’t walk in alone to rent. Both are in Lakewood 2 miles apart.
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