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  1. Had a little come up...want a new toy before the election and everything goes ape ****. I am looking hard at a LWRCi SMG45...what other badass options in that price range?
  2. Anyone have any feedback on the Keltec KSG shotgun? I know in the beginning the had issues...but what about lately? Good weapon for home defense? Thank you for any feedback?
  3. Looking for a "do it all" LPVO for SHTF (or whatever we are calling a general upending of normal life this week). Home defense is taken care of already with a T2, I'm looking for an LPVO or similar that is almost as fast/durable and with as low a signature (no/low forward light emission). What I want the LPVO to bring to the table that the T2 cannot is more magnification and the best recticle possible for a world that could be without batteries. A reticle that can work well on 1x without illumination, in conjunction with a white light, and also stretch out at 6-10x and be usable. Price isn't much of an issue. So far I'm considering: 1.) Khales K16i (SM1 reticle) or K18i (3GR reticle). 2.) Vortex Razor Gen II-E or Gen III. 3.) S&B Short Dots - maybe dual CC? 4.) Elcan 1x/4x.
  4. Im processing the brass i just got. There is a small bag of brass. The length of 9mm. But the outside diameter is .374 vs a 9mm at .388 unsized. The case mouth instead of a straight edge. Looks like it was rolled in. The edge is slightly rounded. And the head stamps are bare. Sure has me stomped.
  5. I am so [email protected]€%! SICK OF AMMO PRICES. Sorry for the anger but I just went to a shop here after I called and they said they were open and have 9mm fmj for a dollar a peice. Get there they closed and we’re running out of one of their other stores. Out of town. Now if I had the cash and a better vehicle I’d definitely go get it but also for 50 dollars for a box of full metal jackets count 50. No I draw the line at certain places and certain things and I cannot justify putting my car thru the work of traveling an hour just for a single box of ammo. Anyone else feeling my upsetness? It’s crazy that no one has ammo period. I just wanna go to the range and practice a bit. Now I have to go online and I hate shopping online. I have little trust for the internet. Specially when I’ll be paying a few hundred for 9mm ammo. Ahh thanks for letting me vent guys lol
  6. blakejenna

    New guy

    Hello everyone. New, first time gun owner here. Well, awaiting my first gun delivery I should say. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
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