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  1. WTS: Vudoo V22 Apparition .22 LR in AI AT chassis. $4200 for everything. Right handed, bolt action V22 repeater, 18" Kukri black Cerakote barrel, Atlas BT46-LW17 folding bipod. 2 10 Rd magazines Mix of around 1500 Lapua CenterX, Midas +, and SK match rounds. I had this custom built in the fall 2020, waited 14 weeks for it, and took possession of it in December. It is like new. Only one trip the range with it. I'm gutted to sell this beautiful rifle. An amazing shooter. Pictures uploaded here are taken with an iphone and may not be viewable to everyone. If you cannot see them and are interested, please send me a message and I will provide my cell #. I tried and failed to convert the images to jpeg files and get them to upload. Will to meet at FFL to manage transfer. FID card required, obviously. First one to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. I don't expect anyone to claim the rifle this way, but please message before doing so -- I also have it listed on gunbroker and want to avoid any confusion. Would rather sell it here, but it's a long shot...
  2. I'm in Highland Park -- near New Brunswick. I can text the pics if you send me a direct message and a cell number. Thanks!
  3. I have a .22 Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical with less than 30 rounds through it. No time to shoot and prefer my rifle, so moving it along. Has Tandemkross halo charging ring installed. Includes two 10 rd magazines. I also have around 1,500 rounds of ammo, the original box and case candy. pistol and ammo for $650 obo. Separately, I am selling a Laserpet I home training system that is also like new. I’ll throw in a 9mm laser cartridge as well. $50 LASERPET SOLD. Thanks! The first person to post “I’ll take it” wins the sale for either or both. Will post pictures. Message with any questions. IMG_0517.HEIC IMG_0516.HEIC IMG_0515.HEIC IMG_0514.HEIC IMG_0513.HEIC IMG_0512.HEIC IMG_0511.HEIC IMG_0510.HEIC IMG_0509.HEIC IMG_0508.HEIC IMG_0507.HEIC IMG_0506.HEIC
  4. Sold pending funds to NJSigfan
  5. I just added four new photos of the internals. Sorry they are not named in a helpful way. The original barrel is included. I took these with my iphone and I don't understand the image format or how to change them. I can text them or email them directly. Send me a message and I'll provide my cell phone details. Yes -- happy to meet in Flemington for the transfer. Took my first shots at TTC!
  6. Everything below purchased new in the fall of 2020. I have between 400-600 rounds through it. Don't really want to sell, just need the cash. Sig P365 XL True Threaded Barrel (less than 200 rounds through it) Griffin Armament Compensator Swampfox Sentinel Red Dot -- Manual shake and wake 4 total 10 round magazines -- the two original mags are pinned Around 800 rounds of 9mm and a loader (see pics) Vedder ITWB holster Trying to upload images from my phone. Will update shortly. $1100 for everything Located in Highland Park. Will be happy to meet at convenient FFL to make the transfer. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. IMG_0410.HEIC IMG_0409.HEIC IMG_0404.HEIC IMG_0405.HEIC IMG_0406.HEIC IMG_0407.HEIC IMG_0411.HEIC IMG_0408.HEIC IMG_0414.HEIC IMG_0412.HEIC IMG_0416.HEIC IMG_0415.HEIC
  7. 400 Rounds of Remington Federal .223 55 grain FMJ ($300) -- 4 100 round boxes 390 Rounds of IMI systems 5.56 Nato 55 grain FMJ ($230) -- 13 boxes of 30 rounds Happy to split these, but want to keep each lot together. Open to offers! I'm in Highland Park (between New Brunswick and Edison). Happy to meet somewhere. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. IMG_0056.HEIC IMG_0060.jpg
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