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  1. Not really sure either way. Law says can’t have a “fixed magazine capacity exceeding 6 rounds”. So if I put a plug in that I can easily remove itd be like having a 30 round mag with 20 snap caps in it, still a felony. I hear ya. Just jealous of those in free states. I want cool stuff too
  2. I have a Beretta 1301 Tactical on the way. The capacity is 5+1, due to import laws I believe. There’s not a big accessory market for it. I found 2 companies that make +2 extensions. As far as I can read NJ has a 6 round tube limit on semi auto shotguns. I like the look the extension provides and certainly would like to max out at 6 if possible. So I thought I’d get it and figure out a way to permanently block it to 6. Anyone done this? Easiest way would be to cut down the plug that comes with the shotgun to the correct length and epoxy it to the end cap of the extension, which threads on. But this wouldn’t be permanent as I could just replace the cap. Could I JB weld the threads of the cap? Don’t feel confident pinning and welding myself.
  3. I still haven’t been able to get out and shoot it. But everything seems fine with dummy rounds (i live in an apt complex, and consider myself responsible, when it comes to firearms anyway). As far as the laws...I got it shipped to my place of business and the next day dropped it off to my LGS to get the brake pinned and welded so it would meet the 26” rule. I realize I might be in a grey area when it comes to having a different upper than purchased with. I honestly wouldn’t look forward to having a cop inspect this gun even if left untouched from the factory. Here’s one..let’s say I replace the SBA3 brace with another SBA3 brace of a different color? Is that legal? Is that modifying the brace? I felt weary of purchasing the Troy in the first place due to the specific rulings on it, and the possible uninformed police officer I may come in contact with. I’ve seen some are afraid to build their own other, and I am too. I follow all protocols traveling with firearms to the T to avoid any issues.
  4. Thanks everyone. Cleaned and lubed the bolt. I also removed the extractor o ring. Bolt moves much more smooth now, feeds, and extracts. I will reinstall the o ring tomorrow and see if it makes a difference. Exploring replacement springs if I’m going to keep it off
  5. I’ll keep you posted. Won’t be off work for another 4 hours. I have Hoppes 9 cleaner and this clp break free, which I think is claimed to be a cleaner and lubricant all in one? Any recommendations for a lubricant?
  6. Okay, I will try cleaning it when I get home. And sorry as far as pulling the handle 1/2 way I was only referencing how the PSA felt vs the Troy upper. The Troy slides back and forth smooth and will close all the way with 1/2 force whereas the PSA gets bound up. Sounds like it could be from the preservation grease mentioned. Thanks. If this doesn’t solve the issue...I saw mentioned somewhere to try removing the extractor o ring? After reading this I’m less concerned about the stickiness of the bolt and wondering if cleaning and lubing is still going to help the failure to feed.
  7. Purchased a Troy A4 other in 5.56 and while waiting for my NICS to clear ordered a 300 blackout complete upper from Palmetto State Armory. The A4 seems to function fine, although I have not fired it yet. When putting the PSA upper on I noticed the bolt has more resistance moving back towards the barrel while moving the charging handle back and forth. It closes all the way when I use the release paddle but it does not close all the way if I pull the handle 1/2-3/4 and release (the Troy upper does). I have to use the forward assist to close it all the way, or pull the handle all the way back and release. I put a live round in and it barely fed and then would not extract it. The second time I tried it jammed and did not feed. I’ve eliminated the possibility of it being the bolt (I think) because the bolt functions fine in the A4 upper (and the A4 bolt has the same problem in the PSA upper). This is my first AR. But yes I was using the correct ammunition for each scenario. 1. Is it possible the PSA upper just isn’t compatible with the Troy? 2. Should I lube the hell out of everything before I look into it further or contact PSA? Appreciate any help or advice. I waited 4 months for my FIPC and 13 days on a NICS delay, this was supposed to be a happy day
  8. Even after all the great input by everyone I still have no idea if the flash suppressor and threaded barrel count as 1 or 2 evil features. I have no doubt the people who wrote the law don't either. I still know the safe move is swap it out for a clear as day brake or comp, but I really hate the idea of removing this thing. Also, one thing the law actually does state clearly is for semi-auto rifles that take a detachable magazine you may have ONE "banned feature". When people talk about the magazine being a banned feature in its own it really puts us all on different talking planes.
  9. Right, maybe. If they wrote “flash suppressor and/or threaded barrel” it would be 100% legal. But the way they worded it can be interpreted as only one is allowed. It seems like they worded all gun laws to intimidate people from owning guns or taking them out of their home.
  10. Nice. So if it came down to it at least you have the paperwork to show you legally bought it in the state. Someone told me they saw a tactical version being sold in NY state (which i believe bans all muzzle devices and you are allowed 0 features) but they carved an X in the barrel and flash suppressor. I guess so someone would know it had been removed? Maybe FFL's are starting to call bluff on these unconstitutional laws.
  11. It really is a silly law huh? They could have made it much simpler by just banning all muzzle devices. I mean they pass these laws in the middle of the night anyway right? Are police officers trained to tell the difference between a flash hider and muzzle brake? Are there people at the range that raise their nose to you if you have a pistol grip and an unpinned comp? Either way, I'm the guy who plays it safe. So I will most likely replace it with a brake, one with a small exit hole.
  12. Yes. This would seem perfectly legal to me. Threaded barrel would be my one allowed feature. I'm not familiar with the legal pinning process, but I imagine the pin would have to go through the threads...ruining my barrel for future law changes (banning muzzle brakes or loosening of laws if this state ever got a republican governor again.) Even if i just put a thread protector on, I really dont want to mess up the threads for down the road.
  13. Thanks, didn't come across this thread. However, it doesn't really answer my scenario as I have a flash suppressor AND a threaded muzzle. I guess the way the law is written leaves this open to interpretation. I suppose the way the law is written a threaded barrel AND a muzzle brake would be totally legal?
  14. I've read through numerous threads on here and other sites to try to find a definitive answer on this. The more i read, the more unsure I am about anything. Sorry if this has already been answered, but I just haven't found it. I moved to NJ from a free state. I own a ruger mini 14 tactical version, so it has a threaded barrel with a flash suppressor. This would be the only "evil feature" on the gun. I believe the law states "A flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor" as ONE banned feature. Very poorly worded obviously, as it could be taken as 2. I realize the safe thing to do would be to pin and weld the f.s., or just remove it and put a thread protector on and never worry about it being a problem. But I'd like to keep it as is, if possible and legal. Is it? I would like to take it to a range in the near future, but don't want to catch any flak under inspection. I want to do the right thing here, I just don't know what that is. And it doesn't seem many others do either.
  15. Yes, initial FID. Thanks, I will call them to confirm about the payment. Just thought I'd ask on here first as government employees are not always reliable answering phones, giving correct information, speaking courteously to people who have specific questions, using proper grammar, ah I could go all day.
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