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  1. Ok I have 5 bricks of Aguila set aside for you. I have 6 bricks of Aguila set aside for you. You’re the lucky winner of the last 3 bricks of CCI quiet.
  2. I’ve been meeting everyone half way, hopefully you aren’t located in Cape May or north north Jersey.
  3. I have you down for the last two bricks of Winchester and 4 bricks of Federal.
  4. Scorpio I have a large quantity of this ammo on hand, so much so I don’t want to disclose the total amounts online until they get to a resemble number. I have a considerable amount of Aguila and Federal. I’m running low on Winchester and CCI quiet and I’ll post those exact amounts. When one of them sells out that item will be removed and I’ll update the totals on hand as they sell. As mentioned I’m not some random stranger I’ve done over a dozen transactions selling ammo alone on pafoa.org since I posted this. I’m a member of the Bridgeton Gun Club. Ive probably met some of you guys on this forum, because a large portion of the club has a lot of NJ members.
  5. I'm selling my personal stash of 22LR. It's all been sitting in sealed up MTM ammo cans with a large silica gel packet. This is all good reliable 22LR. I have way more than what's posted in these pictures in case you're worried about availability. A brick is equal to 500 rounds, for those that don't know. I'm located in south east PA area, right near Lansdale PA. In relation to Camden, Trenton, and Lambertville I'm about 45 minutes away from those locations. We can meet up half way in relation to your location if you buy a couple bricks. The first person to post I’ll take it, is entitled to purchase that particular ammo first. 1. Winchester 22LR 40Gr HV RN Super-X 1255 FPS Price is $60 a brick. (5 bricks on hand)
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