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  1. Can anyone suggest a reputable gunsmith preferably in central NJ? Looking to fit new barrel or refit the current one on Sig P210 Target. Don't want to deal with warranty work and shipping anymore. Thanks!
  2. @Redeye65 is you Kimber happened to be a "nightstar" version? If yes, I think I know where you got it from since I was eying it prior to my shadow purchase nightstars are pretty rare I think.
  3. @45Doll thanks for your suggestions! Very helpful! Concerning Shadow's 2 trigger, I find the "creep" a tiny bit more noticeable than on my P210. (Again, I'm still very much a newbie so this is just my humble opinion) As a whole package I put Shadow 2 slightly above P210...
  4. Haven't seen a lot of Berettas in stores in NJ. I think I saw one (maybe 92X full size) at Howell gunworks at some point. I feel shadow 2 that i have kind of covers full size, steel frame, hammer-fired gun for me. That's why I'm looking for a striker-fired handgun to add some variety... If I'd go with the Glock, it would be 19 as my preference as well. Thx! Any thoughts on VP9 vs PPQ vs Sig?
  5. @Underdog good point about "a copy", but getting another shadow or P210 is going to be expensive . I haven't checked M&P 2, thanks for suggestion. i have a couple of permits left that's why i'm going through choices. Also, the list I've mentioned is available at my range store so i don't have to hunt these down.
  6. @124gr9mm, yes, would like to know recommendations from you guys. Glock 19 is a very obvious choice. It was mentioned by my instructors and other folks... I've spent some time with G19 at the range and for some reason I wasn't impressed with ergo and trigger. (Please keep in mind that I'm new to this and still working on my grip, trigger control, etc...) so I'm trying to get some opinions on other than Glock choices. Thx!
  7. @YankeeSCYou're correct! I meant p320. I don't see a compelling reason right now to get a compact/sub-compact in NJ.
  8. I've started my firearm hobby back in September last year and I've been enjoying it very much. I still consider myself a complete newbie and that's the main reason I'm asking for advise here... At this point I've acquired the following pistols: Arex Zero1 (my first handgun + for self-defense), Sig P210 Target (craftsmanship beauty with occasional range use), and recently Shadow 2 (for target shooting and profoundly highlighting my mistakes). Now, I'm thinking about adding a striker-fired pistol to my small collection and I've narrowed my choices to the following: Arex Delta (w optics), HK VP9 (OR), Walther PPQ, Sig 365 (w optics), maybe decent 1911... With the amount of time it took to get additional permits I'm trying to make an educated decision and get the best option before my wife gets in a way I also realize that everyone has their own opinions and bias but I believe most of users here got much more exposure to different models than I am. So my questions is if you had a choice of getting a striker-fired, non-Glock (nothing against Glocks), optics-ready, multi-purpose (home defense + range), under 1K pistol, what would be your choice? It doesn't have to be from the list I've mentioned above. Thanks in advance!
  9. If you're ever consider going with lease option, I suggest checking leasehackr.com. I'm not affiliated with them, but I got my current car (back in May) from a broker I found there. I was a bit skeptical but got a great deal after all. I like to lease simply for a piece of mind. If I got into an incident (been there before), and submit insurance claim (Carfax record) I will not lose anything. That's the main reason i like to lease. Good luck to you!
  10. one thing I've learned is to order OEM 10 mags, if you can. In my case conversion pin put by FFL dealer made it almost impossible to put 10 rounds.
  11. I went through around 1200 rounds of norma 9mm 115 with not a single issue. (used in my P210 and Rex Zero) Back in November I was able to get 50 box for $24 (ammoshoponline), but now they've jacked up the price to $35 + shipping. Anyway, good ammo and my instructor had mentioned it to me as well.
  12. @Bomber with the current inventory situation the focus is less on a price and more on availability. i'm currently looking at online options since local shops around me backordered for months...
  13. Yep, I got dummy rounds sitting in mags, waiting for factory mags to arrive.
  14. Greetings! With all the hype and wife's encouragement to get some home protection, and after few months for paperwork, I finally got my first gun (Rex Zero 1). I've tried Glocks as a very popular choice for first buyers but Rex felt was better for me. Now, after a few range sessions and hours spent on this site among others I'm getting a feel for gun ownership and improving my skills. Questions are constantly popping up and even with Google's help I believe forums are always a good place to get good answers. So I've decided to get onboard and register. (free account for now, sorry admins, I'll consider premium membership at some point) A couple of observations and questions from a completely new to this hobby vantage point... (if anyone cares): WTF is with 10 mag limit? After my mags were pinned, it's almost impossible, even with a loader device, to get all 10 rounds into the mag. I've ordered oem 10 mags online and still waiting. - they didn't ask for FID copy so I assume it is legal to purchase 10 round mags online and ship to home address? I also thinking about buying a rifle, and based on suggestions and some online research I'm thinking about Modern Materiel Patrol AR. Unfortunately, getting my hands on one is almost as impossible as getting toilet paper back in spring. Does anyone have any shop suggestions that might carry MM ARs? Do you know if their shop in Keyport usually have them stocked? Should I consider another option and why? Concerning ammo, - I've had a good experience with www.ammoshoponline.com - Shipping (tom my door) was pretty fast. I got 9mm Luger (Norma) for around ~ .50c per round. This is much cheaper compared to what I've paid at my range. Training - I've registered to NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course and I hope it will help improving my skills and safety. Looks like several members on this forum gave a very positive feedback, - looking forward to it. Also, already started thinking about second handgun since my purchase permit will be expiring in December. Any recommendations on second handgun? I guess I should stick with the same caliber but I'm not sure if I want to go with compact or try something different like revolver? Finally, I find gun ownership to be a very personal, (and expensive) hobby and ultimately rewarding experience. My goal is to get to a satisfying point in terms of shooting skills, even though I realize how long does it take to climb from newbie's level. ))
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