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  1. I waited just under 4 months for mine. Applied in November. (Hamilton Township)
  2. I appreciate all the responses! Thank you guys. Ended up purchasing a FN 509 Mrd. Already put in for more permits and am going to start a search for a dedicated .22 or a deal on the Beretta. and again thank you all for the feedback!
  3. Understood. It’s only a thought that I recently started looking into after being naive to just how long I would be waiting for a permit. And with the 92fs being the bulk of my hands on expierence, just a rabbit hole I’ve recently jumped down lol. Definitely not the sole deciding factor in my first purchase. Just had me curious and wondering what other guns could be converted with a barrel or slide swap.
  4. First off, just wanted to say thanks for all the info. Found the forum just researching for my first handgun purchase and most questions I have found already answered somewhere within the forum which has been invaluable! so, a little background, after 4 months I finally have my FID and permit to purchase. I have very limited firearms experience ( only a handful of trips to the range in the past few years) After waiting 4 months I’ve come to realize I shit the bed a little bit by only getting one permit to purchase if I’m going to have to wait until the end of summer possibly to get a second. So, in light of that, I started looking into handguns that have .22 conversions as i already have a few thousand rds in .22lr. Some of the ones I have been looking into are Glock, CZ, And Beretta. just curious if anyone has suggestions or expierence with any of the conversion kits whether it be positive or negative. And also any suggestions. TIA
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