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  1. I don't believe that you can really "reload" rimfire cartridges. But, you can still build your own custom rounds.
  2. In truth, Joe Biden was better on gun control 30 years ago when he supported the Clinton era crime bill. Put violent offenders behind bars and keep them there. That one item in one bill was responsible for a huge decrease in violent crime on our streets: Crimes with gun and all other weapons. As noted, nobody wants to talk about the problem in that way. It leads to talk of race and socio-economic issues that make people uncomfortable. I don't think that the gun control advocates (except the high ranking politicians) are in this for the power. They are more of the "we have to do something . . . Oh! We can do this . . . " crowd. They talk about "assault weapons" because they sound scary and they look scary and they don't understand the difference between ANY two guns much less an AR-15 and an M1 Garand. They don't actually know what's going on in the country, they only know what's on the news. They only know about the "mass shootings" and not the individual shootings in places like Chicago and they know absolutely nothing about the number of lives that are saved by guns every single day. Both sides need to frame their arguments differently. If this is a start, I'm all for it.
  3. Long story but it comes down to satire . . .
  4. Yes. But, if the State Police arrest you for having a 30 mag and the state has no law against it, you will be charged with the federal crime. There is no state crime to charge you with. It's the law that you are arrested for, not title of the officer who arrests you that determines where you are charged.
  5. I believe that most states and cities just prevent local and/or state police and investigators from working with federal officers to enforce federal laws that are in conflict with state laws. In other words, if the feds want to ban magazines that hold more than ten rounds, they are on their own to come in to Arizona to confiscate them or arrest those that hold them.
  6. Murphy doesn't need a lesson from Ducey. Murphy knows that NJ could pass the same law. He doesn't want it. The only thing that Murphy needs is to be soundly rejected in the November election.
  7. Let me know if it falls through. I know someone who might be interested.
  8. This is the fault of congress. Generally speaking, congress has abrogated their responsibility to the administrative state. The laws are written without specifics and "so-and-so, head of whatever" is supposed to write the specifics. The same happens at the state level and BOTH are problems.
  9. On a positive there have been a few recent cases where the ATF was cut down for "reinterpreting" existing law. It will require a fight but the more they overreach the better the end result could be.
  10. You guys really know how to make somebody feel welcome . . .
  11. Remember . . . The ATF is part of the Executive Branch . . .
  12. They did NOT say that a bump stock doesn't meet the definition. They said that the definition couldn't be extended to cover bump stocks. It's a small difference but a significant one on the whole.
  13. No . . . The SCOTUS decision was about jurisdiction not the facts of the case. Grewal didn't want to have to defend his action in the 5th Circuit (Texas). He claimed that they didn't have jurisdiction. SCOTUS disagreed.
  14. The court ruled, basically, that the government can't extend existing law by exploiting previous "ambiguously written" law. In this case, the DOJ tried to extend the ban on machine guns by reclassifying anything with a bump stock as machine gun. I have no interest in bump stocks . . . But, a win is a win.
  15. https://www.theblaze.com/news/federal-appeals-court-rules-against-bump-stock-ban?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
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