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  1. EdF


    But, you can keep trying until it changes itself . . . I hope . . .
  2. EdF


    No. The candidates negotiate the dates, times and rules for debates unless somebody like the DAR or another organization sets it up and invites candidate. But, that is usually for primaries. Yes, candidates with a lead in the polls want the debate as late as possible because if you are already ahead, the debate can only hurt or be neutral for you. In the current crop, the Democrats are pushing for the latest possible data because they don't want their stances on some issues to be exposed to daylight until AFTER their base has cast their ballots. I've been hoping that at some point, voters will realie this and begin voting later and/or limiting early voting.
  3. Thanks guys . . . I'm certainly looking for more than a "steel cabinet" but I am also hoping to find something used.
  4. I'm looking for something that will handle several long guns, handguns, ammo and other valuables. No, small or "under the bed units. Thanks, Ed
  5. Of course, this is necessary as the SCOTUS ruling allows for these sensitive areas. They need to be clearly defined.
  6. This is clearly a positive as no one can now CHARGE a felony in order to take away guns.
  7. Well . . . It's pretty easy to say, go to another shop. But, again, having been behind the counter, I can see the reasons. Thefts are high and people aren't stealing $5000 Stacatto 2011 . . . They are stealing Glocks and others that are easy to move on the street. You're complaining a shop here. Go talk to THEM and see why the rules are in place. Or, go somewhere else.
  8. When I was selling guns in NJ in 1977-9, we asked for FIDs before unlocking the rack or opening the case. When back then, a friend of mine was regularly using his brother's FID to go out and look at guns. Asking for the matching DL isn't a big deal in the current environment..
  9. By the way . . . This was the DC Appeals Court, and I just barely give a shit how they rule. Almost every one of these cases is going to have to go to SCOTUS for the time being. That MAY change in the future but, for now, it just one more reason to work toward turning the votes of your friends and families.
  10. That's not what I said . . . I specifically said, "I abhor any new restrictions . . . ' My point with the bump stocks is that they are so ineffective that it's hard to give a crap.
  11. I have to admit that I'm torn a little on this one . . . I abhor any new restrictions but I find it difficult to support something as crappy as a bump stock . . . You could do the same thing with a padded jacket or sweater.
  12. As I said, they are the ones who are ISSUING the permits. That's just great, right? Well, it is until you are forced to use your gun. Then the lawyers get involved. If you trust the lawyers, then that SP issued permit will be perfect.
  13. The instructor that I know says that he hasn't seen anything from the AG to indicate that this is the case so he still includes the make, model and serial number from the weapon that you use to qualify. He also points out that he has talked to several lawyers who have suggested that you should qualify with each gun that you expect to carry. This way, if involved in a shooting you won't have to listen to some local prosecutor argue that you were not qualified with the gun that you used. Remember, the PD are the ones approving the permits but the attorneys are the ones who will be looking at the shootings. Just throwin' it out there . . .
  14. I just asked the same open v concealed question in the "Concealed Carry" forum!
  15. Last week, I was at a gun club talking to an experienced NRA instructor. We were discussing carry guns and he pointed out that NJ doesn't actually have "concealed" carry licenses. We just have "carry" licenses. In terms of the discussion we were talking about imprinting or having a holster show when you bend over to tie your shoes. Did I miss something in the discussion? Because he was talking like you can, with the license, carry open on your hip.
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