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  1. Ask away . . . My father and I do taxes for a living and I would be happy to get you answer even if I don't know off the top of my head.
  2. Keep in mind when following any of this advice, there is difference if you and your father are both NJ residents or if you live in different states. Transfers between residents of different states are governed by federal laws AND NJ laws.
  3. I wish that I could find it but many years ago, I read a report that studied LEO involved gun fights. It showed that the average took place at a distance of less than ten feet, twenty rounds were fired and no one was injured. I have also heard, second hand, that most of the weapons carried by local LEOs may not even fire if they pulled the trigger. They don't go to the range and don't clean their weapons. They turn them to the armory every two years for cleaning.
  4. The great thing about pump shotguns and some lever action rifles when used for home defense is that everybody is familiar with the sound of a round going in to the chamber. You may not even have to touch the trigger. Let's just hope the intruder remembered to wear the brown pants . . .
  5. Great . . . Now, this is Facebook . . .
  6. I haven't heard of ANY NICS checks taking two weeks . . . My guess is that it's just his way of not getting daily calls looking for updates.
  7. Guys . . . The fact that the OP didn't call the dealer back today, doesn't mean that he isn't returning phone calls.
  8. Doesn't look like an employee but what the hell were they doing not paying attention to a customer handling a loaded weapon on the other side of the counter?
  9. I don't see anything wrong with that deal at all. You don't get anywhere near value when you sell to a dealer. They are looking at mark up. I would have sold the mags and the ammo separately as well. So, 25% of what he gave you for the gun isn't unreasonable at all. As to the OP's question: Send a registered letter to the FFL business address demanding that the upper be returned, complete or not, within eight business days of receipt. After that, you start with the BBB and the possibility of filing theft charges. They aren't going to want cop cars outside initiating an investigation.
  10. You are correct. Completely. However, the current Left likes to pretend that 2A groups are just a bunch of redneck, racist pigs and organizations that fight that stereotype ARE a positive.
  11. I don't have a problem with a pistol caliber carbine at all . . . That wasn't the point of my statement. My entire post was about the idea of looking at what's available. Keeping weapons that use a variety of calibers will better allow him to purchase what's available when it's available. I'm also a little tired of hearing that you can't get guns or ammo or that everything is wildly over priced. In the last six months, I've added two 9mm handguns, a .22 handgun, a shotgun and an AR along with a lot of ammo. When I go out and look, I find what I need. The AR that I bought is built on a Palmetto Arms lower and I paid about $650 all NJ legal. I can find any ammo that want online, tonight. Now . . . All of this may change with the new administration but we are talking about today.
  12. Here's the thing . . . The NJSP and the ATF don't need the records because their jobs are to solve crimes and none of the weapons used in crimes have paperwork that could allow them to be traced. They weren't transferred at FFLs . . .
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