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  1. Let me know if this falls through . . . Permit in hand . . . Well, it's electronic but you know what I mean . . .
  2. I BELIEVE that it is illegal to have the parts to build anything that is not legal. You're actual intent to put it together doesn't matter.
  3. Yep . . . McCain put his personal agenda ahead of what was good for the country. It wasn't the first time either . . .
  4. EdF

    primary ?

    Trump lost NJ by 15 points in November . . . Candidates should be careful riding his coattails here.
  5. Don't forget that was a small majority and the vote was made personal by John McCain. He wasn't going to give anything to Trump.
  6. I don't believe that this is true. I believe that you can apply for both at the same time and receive them both at the same time.
  7. EdF

    primary ?

    There usually isn't much real activity in the NJ primaries and, in truth, that's the case this year as well. The state GOP has chosen to back Jack Ciattarelli and most ot the assembly and senate seats do have have challengers. The real event is in November. By all means, research the candidates for governor and vote for who you believe to be the best but, in November you need to back the Republican whoever it is. The governor though will have little power without Republicans in the senate and assembly. The states politics needs to be turned upside down this year. We are all hoping for a few SCOTUS decisions to improve 2A rights in the state but we also need to make sure that the legislature will not just pass new laws that we need to fight. Find out who your legislators are today and find out who is challenging them. Get in touch and make sure that they know what your vote will be based on. It's difficult to run a 2A campaign in this state and no matter their personal views most of those running for office are not going to make it a big part of their campaign. That doesn't mean that they are not on your side.
  8. Do it . . . Do it NOW . . . I've had successful 40 year career in IT and I have spent the last 30 regretting it. Today, at 60, I wish that I had changed careers YEARS ago. My problem was and remains, that I'm very good a what I do and I have been very well compensated for it. I would have been much happier had I gone back to school in my 30's and studied psychology. The other option, but the time commitment is still there would be to consider opening your own place.
  9. You might want to even that out some. Expansion rates for the different thicknesses may cause premature cracking.
  10. Since Murphy gun law package, No NJ FFL is allowed to transfer any weapon without the STN the state provides after they complete a NICS. Even at that . . . It was MAY, not MUST . . . It was up to the FFL.
  11. I'm thinking about gun control . . . I know that not very much that has been implemented has stopped violent crime and I know that not very much that has been proposed will do anything either. Criminals don't follow the law. So . . . Where do the criminals get their guns? I know that they can steal them, they can get them through straw purchases or family members. But, does anybody have statistics that can tell me what percentage of illegally possessed weapons come from? What would actually prevent criminals from getting guns? I realize that serious jail time for violent criminals and/or those committing crimes with a gun will reduce violent crime as we have seen in the past. But, what can be done that will put a dent in the numbers BEFORE the crime is committed?
  12. I don't believe that you can really "reload" rimfire cartridges. But, you can still build your own custom rounds.
  13. In truth, Joe Biden was better on gun control 30 years ago when he supported the Clinton era crime bill. Put violent offenders behind bars and keep them there. That one item in one bill was responsible for a huge decrease in violent crime on our streets: Crimes with gun and all other weapons. As noted, nobody wants to talk about the problem in that way. It leads to talk of race and socio-economic issues that make people uncomfortable. I don't think that the gun control advocates (except the high ranking politicians) are in this for the power. They are more of the "we have to do something . . . Oh! We can do this . . . " crowd. They talk about "assault weapons" because they sound scary and they look scary and they don't understand the difference between ANY two guns much less an AR-15 and an M1 Garand. They don't actually know what's going on in the country, they only know what's on the news. They only know about the "mass shootings" and not the individual shootings in places like Chicago and they know absolutely nothing about the number of lives that are saved by guns every single day. Both sides need to frame their arguments differently. If this is a start, I'm all for it.
  14. Long story but it comes down to satire . . .
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