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  1. I have to admit, that's one of the coolest things that I've ever seen . . . But, I always replaced that gasket when changing oil on my own cars . . .
  2. What you CAN do depends on what you WANT to do . . . I wouldn't tolerate the treatment for a P2P. You've already been vetted and you will be vetted again with your NICS check once you get the permit. The chief is just sitting on your permit. There's no reason. Contact the mayor . . . A friendly member of council anyone else that you like. If we keep putting up with this crap we will continue to get more of it.
  3. EdF

    +P+ 9mm

    As noted, it's a standard engineering issue of "how much, how often" . . . I had a BMW 530 that would ping with anything less than 93 octane gas. If one of my kids put a tank of regular in it, the pistons didn't burn right through. I'd start topping the tank off with some premium until the pinging stopped. There was never any damage done. At the same time, I just don't see any reason for +P much less +P+ . . . My father gave me a bucket of .38SP a year ago and I unloaded all of the +P rounds but I was putting them through an old Colt revolver.
  4. I hadn't heard this about Bob . . . It's not the most convenient shops or ranges for me and I've only been there once. I guess I won't be back.
  5. I once read that the average police involved shootout took place at less than 10 feet, 30 rounds were fired and no one was injured. That was when one side was an LEO! In Blackwood, NJ, police of all levels (city and state) fired 130 rounds into a bank where a suspect was hold up. They hit him once in the ass. It's really hard to shoot under pressure but this shows that if you can bear down and concentrate for just a few seconds, you can come out on top in the battle.
  6. True but even that was October 19 so we are looking at three weeks and CHPD could have sat on the permits after I made the payment.
  7. Well . . . I filled out the online app the middle of October. Then my father went into the hospital and passed away. I didn't go to the police station and drop off my $6 check until Monday, November 1. At 6AM on November 4, I received an email that my permits were approved. This was in Democrat controlled Cherry Hill, NJ . . .
  8. Once again, he tosses out the "85% of seized guns come from out of state" which simply proves that his laws are not working because criminals don't care about them. But, what of the other 15%? How many are purchased legally here? How many are the result of straw purchases? How many are stolen? How do ten round magazine limits make me safer? How does not having an adjustable stock on an AR (or other gun) make me safer? Why is a welded compensator safer than one that is simply screwed on with some LockTite? These are the questions that need to be asked of our governor and our legislature.
  9. EdF


    At under $700! When stock is available, this will be on my short list.
  10. EdF


    Thanks gang . . . I hadn't looked at ammo yet (Can't tell you why!) but you have slacked my interest some . . .
  11. EdF


    OK . . . How about opinions from people who HAVEN"T tried them . . . It's not like this forum to not have an opinion!
  12. I'll need to check on my e-permits and see if they are still open . . . But, I'm interested! I'll let you know.
  13. I carry a back back when I travel . . . My "modern" life usually requires a laptop or tablet, phone charger, headphones and other things that would get me strange looks if I stuffed them in my pockets.
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