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  1. Nobody here told you to comply . . . It was suggested that you should either follow their rules or go elsewhere. That's a very different thing and those are, after all, your only choices. You can complain to GunBroker until you are blue in the face but they have every right to do what they think that they need to do. Rights apply to both sides here.
  2. With which, you can buy or bid on guns on the site. If you were welling on the site, would you want unverified buyers bidding on your products? Take a look at eBay where incomplete sales are the rule. Everything that I said stands.
  3. First choice: Don't buy there. You are going to find more and more of this in online transactions. In this case, you are buying a gun which has restrictions placed on them (particularly the weapon you are buying, an "other") by the federal government and all 50 state governments. No online dealer wants to run afoul of the ATF, the DOJ or any of the states. Identity theft is a huge problem all around the world and all organizations are affected. My bank uses a voice print to identify me when I call them. It was voluntary but it is much easier then jumping through hoops every time I need to talk to someone. Second choice: Comply with their requirements.
  4. Nobody asks you if you do "anything illegal" . . . They about charges and/or convictions. The same goes for weed. The question is about addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is just my view but since I will not be smoking and I drink very little I'm not too worried about it . . .
  5. File with PayPal . . . You have a shot at getting something back and it will not come from the woman's account. Remember . . . There are lists of FFLs and those lists include contact information. That's how you could have verified the FLL license and that you were actually dealing with them. They would likely have been happy to know that someone is using their license. Woulda, shoulda, coulda . . . I know . . . Sorry . . .
  6. EdF

    Trap Guns

    I'm not arguing with anybody but I was told that just about every club member who bought a Tristar, had it back to the factory for repair and ended up selling it . . .. Interesting . . .
  7. Are you certain that's a Russian soldier? That very well be Ukrainian "militia" . . . What weapons might we see if Canada were to invade the U.S.? Well . . . OK, not CANADA . . . You know what I mean . . .
  8. EdF

    Trap Guns

    Hello all . . . My club has a nice trap/five stand range and I'm interested in shooting a few times a year. I can't tell you the last time that I pulled the trigger on a shotgun. I have two pump action tackticals with 18.5 in. barrels. Not really useful in this vein. What can I look for to get in for a reasonable price? I'd prefer two barrels to make it work for five stand but I don't want to spend a grand or more for a gun I'm going to shoot a few times a year.
  9. I would also be interested and I am ALSO in South Jersey! I don't think that I will end up reloading but I'm interested in the knowledge transfer.
  10. https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=Ruger Mark IV 22%2F45 lite&Sort=13
  11. How much? And, does that include a mount?
  12. The Neos has a rail . . . Sound advice . . . I'm sitting with about 5000 rounds of .22 and can buy more when the time comes. But, if I can't properly see the target, the practice isn't going to get me where I want.
  13. I spent a lot of time with Jack during the last election cycle. He's very pragmatic. He's not going to talk "hard right" unless he believes that he can implement those policies. He will need at least one house in the legislature to accomplish much. He knows that. I know that. There are many here who don't want to hear it.
  14. I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in optics but the last time that I posted in optics, nobody responded. I'm looking for a red dot to mount on my Barretta Neos. The cheapy that I have now, isn't visible in daylight. I'll be shooting up to 50 yards in friendly competition. I'm not even sure what dot size I need . . . I would LIKE to stay under $150 but I can go higher if I wait . . . .
  15. I care but I'm working tonight. I lived in CD-3 for years but moved about four years ago. I met Ian a few times while I was running for assembly. He's a great guy, very humble and unassuming. But, as with many candidates, there are a number of issues where I have no idea where he stands.
  16. Also sent a PM . . .
  17. Yes . . . Mine were auto renewed. I believe that mostly a standard. Dick's has NOTHING to do with guns anymore. Not even cleaning kits . . .
  18. If the trouble is that you can't easily get in and out of the car and the dealer is helpful, you may be able to have an employee come out to your car and complete the paperwork for the first visit. This assumes that you do not need to handle the weapon that you wish to purchase. The second visit may require to you to come inside to take delivery. I hope that helps and that you enjoy whatever you purchase. I will also point out that your permits should be extended an extra 90 days if you do not make a purchase.
  19. I'm starting to play around with some competitive 22LR rifle. Looking for a well priced 4-9x (or higher) rimfire scope. Must have parallax adjustment and diopter adjustment along with a large objective. My vision isn't that great to begin with! Who has something laying around in their closet or safe?
  20. People like this have been aroud for years. I've been around photography for almost 50 years and they existed in the mail order days. There were places that opened camera boxes and took out all of the accessories and charged full price for what they left in the box or charged add-on prices for things that the manufacturer included. Bach then there were not many who would never ship an item because they had to advertise in magazines to get victims. I have to admit though that I did once order an AR from a Nigerian prince. The price was a little high but it was supposed to include a $2,500,000 wire transfer to my bank . . . Funny . . . I don't remember getting the gun OR the money . . .
  21. This is the most important point here. Remington doesn't exist. Remington didn't admit any fault OR offer a settlement. The insurance companies settled because they aren't there to fight for the 2nd Amendment. They are there to turn a profit. The cost of settling outweighed the cost of litigation. It's that simple. What this means for other gun related businesses is another story entirely.
  22. Since you can legally transfer to your wife and she can legally transfer to her brother, I would say that you're OIK.
  23. Since you can legally transfer to your wife and she can legally transfer to her brother, I would say that you're OIK.
  24. that was a correct assumption. My mother bought the guns when she lived out of state and then moved here. I live in NJ. My sister lives in PA. I know that anything going to HER will have to go through a PA FLL.
  25. Thank you for the thoughts . . . Actually, my father didn't have an FID either. They purchased the guns when they lived in Maryland and PA. In fact, they were all purchased in my mother's name anyway. My sister, who still lives in PA and I are splitting them up.
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