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  1. Years ago, they were at the Convention Center in Philly. They were known at Summer Philly, in July and Fall Philly, in November. Now they are at the Oaks site where the gun shows are held every two months. http://www.bee3vintage.com/Bee3Vintage_Fall_Philly_Great_American_Guitar_Show.html Reach out in October!
  2. For 62 years, I have lived within about 10 miles of my birthplace. The middle of September, I will be moving. Not far but across the river to Royersford, PA. At least I'll be close for the gun and guitar shows in Oaks! My reasons are not political. I have long advocated staying and fighting. But, my wife of eight months would like to be closer to her son who expects to start providing her with grandchildren soon. I'm not sure that I'm looking for advice, suggestions or anything else. Just tossing it out there . . .
  3. Believe it or not, I believe that I would know if this were the case.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I wanted to throw a little story out here: I know of a young man, we don't need to go into how I know him, who was arrested in Willingboro, NJ, with an unlicensed handgun and large capacity magazine, during the summer of 2021. This included criminal trespass, deviant trespass and a number of similar charges. The warrant was "recalled". He was arrested again, in Palmyra, NJ, , with another handgun and drugs in November of 2022. There is no outcome listed for this charge. My wife and I continue to look him up on the court sites waiting to see a resolution on those charges. Today, she discovered that he was arrested in April of this year, in Philly, for manufacture of illegal drugs with intent to distribute. Appears to be out on bail. By the way . . . His mother is a corrections officer. So, we have TWO gun charges, TWO drug charges and he's still walking free. I don't see much that I can do with this information but I'm interested in comments.
  5. So . . . it appears that you CAN keep pigeons in Cherry Hill . . . What a surprise.
  6. Seriously? That's your response?
  7. Is anyone else here having a problem collecting unemployment benefits from this state? I filed my claim on 4/23. I have not received a single dollar and I can't get a hold of anyone at the Department of Labor to find out what's going on. I have reached out to my assembly reps and state senator as well as the governor's office. I'm told "We put your request into the system, it might take a few weeks to get a response." When I call any UE office, I answer a bunch of voice prompts and get to a recorded message that says, "Call back another day." I'm interested in trying to organize a group to hound our representatives and the governor's office until we get resolutions. Let's put something together and see if we can make some change in this state.
  8. We have tried to look it up but haven't found anything solid. Next step is call the township.
  9. I live in Cherry Hill. The people behind my house are a pain in the ass. We've called the police because they were burning brush on a charcoal grill. They are petrified of our dog (you would have to know the dog to see just how funny that is). Now, they have built a pigeon coop in the back yard. We have a nice, white, vinyl fence and a pool. The bird perch on the fence and go to the pool. So far, there hasn't been much of a bird shit problem but I'm waiting for the birds to get more settled before that starts. So . . . Does anybody know if this is legal? Short of buying a pellet or BB gun, does anyone have an idea for training them to stay off the fence and out of the yard? I'm trying to be a good guy here but it's soooooooooooooo hard . . .
  10. I'm giving the Glock barrel some thought . . .
  11. I just finished reading "And Then There Was LIght", a bio of Abe Lincoln. I've read many Lincoln bios and many histories of the Civil War. Most end with the surrender at Appomattox and the assasination of Lincoln. As I was finishing this one, I decided that I want to read a good history of Reconstruction. Of course, I would like to avoid a version that isn't biased in EITHER direction. I've done some Amazon searches but I have not selected anything yet. Does anybody have a recommendation?
  12. My sister is involved with Girlz&Guns in southeastern PA. I think it's based in Delaware County. In addition to their own competitions, they travel as a group to IDPA and USPSA matches. They are VERY active. She also shoots trap very well. This week, she is in Colorado for their national conference and on Tuesday she had the opportunity to shoot steel targets from a helicopter.
  13. Apparently, I haven't been on here in quite a while . . . I'm IN Cherry Hill and I can say that I've had a great time with the PD since I moved here five years ago. When I moved, they handled my change of address in under two weeks and I've been getting P2P three at a time in about seven to ten days.
  14. If you don't mind me asking: Where are you located? What is the rough size of the estate?
  15. There have been scanners that cover both sides of multiple pages for years and OCR has been around even longer.
  16. I just bought that SAME safe brand new at BJs for $480.
  17. Check www.palmettoarms.com . . . Some of the Sigs go under $100 regularly. I tried to go cheap, off of Amazon, for a while but didn't find anything that was worth $20. The dots aren't bright enough and they don't hold zero very well.
  18. I'm in Cherry Hill myself and can help out . . . Reach out if you need anything at all!
  19. My father had one from Liberty. Delivery will be $300-550 or so depending on where in the house you want the safe. Stairs cost more. They charge about the same to move it to my sister's after my dad passed away. \ This past weekend, I bought a great safe from BJ's, on sale, for less than $500. Right next door to BJ's, I rented a 15' truck and appliance dolly from U-Haul. Two guys from BJ's helped to get it in the truck and my girlfriend and I got it off and into the garage. It would have been tough for us to get it into the basement but we could have done it. I have more space in my garage and a smaller safe in the bedroom so I'm not worried about access for home security. DM me if you want to know more. The same may end today but you can check with them about buying and pickup in a few days.
  20. This can be moved wherever appropriate. A Philadelphia sheriff's deputy sells two gun, used in a school shooting two weeks ago, to an undercover officer who he thought was an illegal alien. Are the shooters from the Roxburgh football shooting going to get off because of chain of custody issues? https://www.justice.gov/usao-edpa/pr/former-philadelphia-sheriff-s-deputy-arrested-and-charged-trafficking-firearms
  21. EdF


    But, you can keep trying until it changes itself . . . I hope . . .
  22. EdF


    No. The candidates negotiate the dates, times and rules for debates unless somebody like the DAR or another organization sets it up and invites candidate. But, that is usually for primaries. Yes, candidates with a lead in the polls want the debate as late as possible because if you are already ahead, the debate can only hurt or be neutral for you. In the current crop, the Democrats are pushing for the latest possible data because they don't want their stances on some issues to be exposed to daylight until AFTER their base has cast their ballots. I've been hoping that at some point, voters will realie this and begin voting later and/or limiting early voting.
  23. Thanks guys . . . I'm certainly looking for more than a "steel cabinet" but I am also hoping to find something used.
  24. I'm looking for something that will handle several long guns, handguns, ammo and other valuables. No, small or "under the bed units. Thanks, Ed
  25. Of course, this is necessary as the SCOTUS ruling allows for these sensitive areas. They need to be clearly defined.
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