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  1. By the way . . . This was the DC Appeals Court, and I just barely give a shit how they rule.  Almost every one of these cases is going to have to go to SCOTUS for the time being.  That MAY change in the future but, for now, it just one more reason to work toward turning the votes of your friends and families.

  2. 3 minutes ago, snappy456 said:

    Wouldn't they be in the driver's seat on this until the legislators write a new law with different direction?

    As I said, they are the ones who are ISSUING the permits.  That's just great, right?  Well, it is until you are forced to use your gun.  Then the lawyers get involved.  If you trust the lawyers, then that SP issued permit will be perfect.

  3. The instructor that I know says that he hasn't seen anything from the AG to indicate that this is the case so he still includes the make, model and serial number from the weapon that you use to qualify.

    He also points out that he has talked to several lawyers who have suggested that you should qualify with each gun that you expect to carry.  This way, if involved in a shooting you won't have to listen to some local prosecutor argue that you were not qualified with the gun that you used.  

    Remember, the PD are the ones approving the permits but the attorneys are the ones who will be looking at the shootings.

    Just throwin' it out there . . . 

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  4. Last week, I was at a gun club talking to an experienced NRA instructor.  We were discussing carry guns and he pointed out that NJ doesn't actually have "concealed" carry licenses.  We just have "carry" licenses.  In terms of the discussion we were talking about imprinting or having a holster show when you bend over to tie your shoes.  

    Did I miss something in the discussion?  Because he was talking like you can, with the license, carry open on your hip.

  5. Damn it!

    Over the 4th weekend, I lost my wallet.  Long story, don't want to go into it but my FID was in there.

    Yesterday, I filled out the stinking application to replace my card and included a few P2P requests.

    One of my references hasn't gotten his email and the other has.  I may have made a mistake with his email address.  Is there a way that I can correct the mistake or shorten the extra time that this is now going to take?

    I hate making simple mistakes . . . 

  6. 35 minutes ago, CMJeepster said:

    I expected better from him

    Remember . . . Whatever he proposes will still have to pass a Democrat led assembly, a Democrat led senate and be signed by a Democrat Governor.  Just how much do you think that he can get away with in one shot.  

    Work to elect more Republicans around the state and see how much more you can get.

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  7. I would be starting a class action suit for civil rights violations.  

    The list shouldn't have been anywhere NEAR a "dashboard" . . . This is exactly why governments shouldn't be keeping lists, or partial lists, of gun owners.  The bad guys now have a way to see both who is armed and who is NOT armed.  This is just the point of concealed carry:  Keeping the criminals unsure of who is safe to attack.,

  8. 4 minutes ago, Displaced Texan said:

    In my mind, there are already too many small, completely concealable 9mm/.40 pistols on the market to even consider carrying a .22. 

    True but not everybody can control a small 9 or .40 . . . If, for example, a small framed woman like my mother, is going to end up spraying .380 rounds all over the street during a carjacking, she (and everyone else) might be better off if she carried a .22.

  9. 16 hours ago, Krdshrk said:

    This would be a wonderful thing - Basically - disband the ATF and all the other alphabet boys!

    The point isn't to disband them but to limit them to the letter of the law.  

    Few realize that law passed by congress often contain language like, "the Secretary of Health and Human Services will determine . . . "  This passes the implementation and details of a bill off to an appointed department head who then passes the decision on to career bureaucrats.  Often, these bureaucrats do not even have the same goals as congress intended.  Congress gets to skirt responsibility.  The hope is that the court will require congress to spend more time hammering out details.  

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  10. Just ordered the first of the Swagger novels by Hunter . . . It will be here tomorrow and I can take it to the beach for the weekend.

    I've been talking about the drugging of our children for years.  It used to be that you would hear about the shooter's prescription drug history after these shootings.  I think that the anti-gun crowd has figured out that this is an issue so they have shut down the talk over the last several years.  Every one of these shooters profiles as someone whose school would have drugged them to keep them more compliant.  

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