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  1. Public transit will not hold up in court. Public transit is used to travel between places where concealed carry IS allowed and will, therefore, restrict citizens ability to carry legally. Hospitals and daycare centers would seem to be valid.
  2. Since MOST incidents where carrying has stopped a crime don't involve a single shot being fired, carrying is more important than what you carry.
  3. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-843_7j80.pdf Any idea what this means for New Jersey?
  4. The reasons for her change of heart are even more amazing than the change itself. I've enjoy quite a bit of her writing over the years even I usually disagreed with her completely. I don't know if this will create even a ripple on the left but I would like to help spread the word.
  5. Not an assumption . . . A suggestion . . . If they claim that 19 year olds can't handle a semi-auto, they can't say that they can handle a full-auto in the military.
  6. Does the technology even exist? Will bad guys just go to brass catchers and revolvers?
  7. Keep complaining and keep working for change. Or, just give up.
  8. I didn't say that ALL problems like this are caused by moving boundaries. But, the fact that you ended up in the same book doesn't make that impossible. OK . . . The police didn't do anything. I understand that most people don't know that they can reach out to their representatives on election day. That's why I explained it. Someone from your county committee would have shown up even though only one person was reporting only one person potentially voting illegally. They would have been able to question both poll workers those in charge and they may have been able to locate the voter in question in the books. None of this means that a satisfactory outcome would have been reached that day. But, remember, Democrats keep insisting that there are no problems because there are few reports and fewer charges filed. This is one end of what is needed in order to initiate change.
  9. Recounts cost a lot of money. You have to put up a bond and if the election results aren't overturned OR if there is less then a 10% move, the requester foots the bill. You have to consider the likelihood of winning and look at what eventually happened around the country. Tell me what difference would have been made. The real problem for Jack was the lack of support from the right. That election could have been won but for the infighting in the party AND the lack of national attention. Hannity has pointed out that he and others should have paid more attention to NJ and Jack might have pulled it out.
  10. @raz-0 . . . So, what you did was . . . Nothing? The police wouldn't do anything? You may have gotten an incident report as documentation of your complaint. You then go on to write several paragraphs about your problem, which IS serious but has nothing to do with the original post. When you see something, say something. Call your county GOP leadership from the polling place. If you don't have that information try to get a hold of one of the candidates. When I was running for assembly last year, I spent most of a Saturday afternoon, at an early polling location because someone reported problems with a voting machine. Then, on election day, I received a call from my aunt who has lived in the same house for 30 years and was told that she was not on the roles. I met her at her polling place and the problem was resolved in about 20 minutes. She was on the role and she was allowed to vote. Later, I received a Facebook message from someone that I went to HS with and he was having the same problem. I called our county chairman and that problem was resolved as well. I found out later that many of these problems happen due to changing district and ward boundaries. That doesn't account for anywhere near ALL of the problems but it makes sense when the poll worker said you were not "in the book" but the county clerk said you were registered. You were likely in another book and you are likely still there.
  11. "Nobody does anything . . . " What did YOU do?
  12. A friend of mine knocked a guy out of a tree at about 75 yards . . .
  13. We used to build tennis ball cannons out of two tennis ball cans and some duct tape. All you needed was a little bit of lighter fluid.
  14. My girlfriend just got a judgement against someone who was supposed to install flooring in our home and ghosted us after taking an $1100 check. This happened just about a year ago and we tried to work with him until the fall. She just received notice that the court has granted a judgement (he first refused to be served and then failed to show in court) and now we have to collect. I know it's not a big sum and we spent over $100K renovating the house. It's the principle of the thing. She is trying to get a copy of the back side of the check from her bank. If the account number is there and the account is still open the court will lien the account and take the money/ My guess though is that that account is either empty or closed. Does anybody have any experience or suggestions that might help?
  15. If you hadn't heard about this, you aren't listening to the right radio stations.
  16. If they raise the gun purchase age to 21, they also raise the age for draft registration.
  17. Shouldn't this be in "Sales"?
  18. Nobody here told you to comply . . . It was suggested that you should either follow their rules or go elsewhere. That's a very different thing and those are, after all, your only choices. You can complain to GunBroker until you are blue in the face but they have every right to do what they think that they need to do. Rights apply to both sides here.
  19. With which, you can buy or bid on guns on the site. If you were welling on the site, would you want unverified buyers bidding on your products? Take a look at eBay where incomplete sales are the rule. Everything that I said stands.
  20. First choice: Don't buy there. You are going to find more and more of this in online transactions. In this case, you are buying a gun which has restrictions placed on them (particularly the weapon you are buying, an "other") by the federal government and all 50 state governments. No online dealer wants to run afoul of the ATF, the DOJ or any of the states. Identity theft is a huge problem all around the world and all organizations are affected. My bank uses a voice print to identify me when I call them. It was voluntary but it is much easier then jumping through hoops every time I need to talk to someone. Second choice: Comply with their requirements.
  21. Nobody asks you if you do "anything illegal" . . . They about charges and/or convictions. The same goes for weed. The question is about addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is just my view but since I will not be smoking and I drink very little I'm not too worried about it . . .
  22. File with PayPal . . . You have a shot at getting something back and it will not come from the woman's account. Remember . . . There are lists of FFLs and those lists include contact information. That's how you could have verified the FLL license and that you were actually dealing with them. They would likely have been happy to know that someone is using their license. Woulda, shoulda, coulda . . . I know . . . Sorry . . .
  23. EdF

    Trap Guns

    I'm not arguing with anybody but I was told that just about every club member who bought a Tristar, had it back to the factory for repair and ended up selling it . . .. Interesting . . .
  24. Are you certain that's a Russian soldier? That very well be Ukrainian "militia" . . . What weapons might we see if Canada were to invade the U.S.? Well . . . OK, not CANADA . . . You know what I mean . . .
  25. EdF

    Trap Guns

    Hello all . . . My club has a nice trap/five stand range and I'm interested in shooting a few times a year. I can't tell you the last time that I pulled the trigger on a shotgun. I have two pump action tackticals with 18.5 in. barrels. Not really useful in this vein. What can I look for to get in for a reasonable price? I'd prefer two barrels to make it work for five stand but I don't want to spend a grand or more for a gun I'm going to shoot a few times a year.
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