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  1. No . . . It's a matter of recognizing possibilities. It's admitting that without the legislature, what he wants is irrelevant. "Everything is on the table" is he gets the legislature. But, hear what you want . . . Vote for Singh . . . He'll run a shitty campaign while he makes you promises that he can't keep and he'll either lose to Murphy or he'll win without gaining a single seat in the legislature and you won't get shit out it.
  2. “Conveniently clipped from the post circulated online by Singh supporters this morning was his campaign operative’s initial obscenity-ridden tirade against not only Mrs. Ciattarelli’s husband, but also her family and her children – including a son on active duty in the military.” Singh has NOTHING going for him. He can't raise money. He reached the fundraising requirement to get into the debate by loaning his campaign over $400,000 of the $490,000 needed and most of the rest came in as large donations from his family. Now, we find out that he has staffed his campaign with jackasses who attack his opponent's family including an active duty military member and a college student. https://newjerseyglobe.com/governor/singh-advisor-ambushes-ciattarelli-wife-at-debate-launches-attack-at-candidates-family/?fbclid=IwAR06-lWwPWxDO6wx_BEYpI0I7jM0jt255OubQAPlN6MP9F85VJXFkyewvDA Is this REALLY who you want as our next governor?
  3. Actually . . . What Jack has said repeatedly is that if the legislature is held by Democrats he would push for incremental changes but if Republicans are given control EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE . . .
  4. Damn! Let me know if it falls through . . .
  5. EdF


    When I was in high school and college, 1210 used to play them one night a week (yes. . . I'm old . . . ) I loved listening! Because of this, I think that I'm one of the very few people who likes the Alec Baldwin film version . . .
  6. EdF

    primary ?

    Pretty much what I said . . . We need seats in the legislature and I've been encouraging people here and elsewhere to check the candidates in the their district. Turnout is going to be hugely important in November. I've also talked about the fact that SCOTUS is the only "quick" avenue of change on carry. Legislatively it's not going to happen in one fell swoop. https://www.ammoland.com/2021/05/jack-ciattarelli-running-for-nj-governor-sides-with-civil-rights/?fbclid=IwAR0M2jekg6afpbKA6ehOhGw365OUwA1CjUOkjZNz8M0BipMdAF1vYlhzGlM#axzz6voHRmjHa Note: Jack is clear . . . With a Democrat controlled legislature, he is all for pushing incremental changes. If he gets a Republican legislature EVERYTHING is on the table.
  7. EdF

    primary ?

    It's an invitation to see-saw law making like we have seen at the federal level. Republicans get power and open up carry laws, then Democrats return to power and reel everything in. Right or wrong, the people of New Jersey have been putting these people in power to enact these laws. Their minds need to be changed and we aren't going to get a few million people to change their minds at once..
  8. EdF

    primary ?

    There's nothing equivocal about recognizing reality. The problem would be a candidate making promises he knows it's not in his power to keep. The governor can't do it all himself. He needs down ticket support in the legislature in order to pass ANY legislation. We need a gubernatorial candidate who can win and who can have coattails to gain significant numbers in the legislature. I understand that people will support the winner of the primary but if that winner isn't somebody who can win in November, it doesn't matter.
  9. I'll second the M&P2.0 EZ in either .380 or 9mm. It's easier to get 9mm these days but I don't know what that's going to be like in the long run.
  10. EdF

    primary ?

    That's not really what he said: He said that he support the right to bear arms and he supports the right to self defense. However, he seems to recognize that NJ isn't going to go from less than 1000 carry permits statewide to Constitutional Carry in one step.
  11. You're not likely to avoid two trips no matter you go or how you buy. You will have to be there once to fill out paperwork, then the FFL will do the NICS check. These can take two, three . . . five days . . . to run the check. Only then do you go back and pick up the weapon.
  12. EdF

    primary ?

    Right now, by the way, he's talking about his support for President Trump in 2020. He took money out of his own pocket to buy 3000 Trump/Pence signs because the president wasn't spending much money here in NJ. I can personally tell you that's $6-10 thousand out of his own pocket.
  13. EdF

    primary ?

    I'm on a conference call with Jack Ciattarelli as I type: He had made it clear that he supports president Trump and that he supports the Second Amendment. He wants to roll back the onerous rules and regulations that we currently live under. He has stated that the 10 round magazine limit doesn't promote public safety and he support expansion of concealed carry, at least at first into dangerous professions and then further. He gave the example of female real estate agents who say that being by themselves during open houses isn't safe. He was CLEAR and didn't EQUIVOCATE on the subject at all. He also pointed out that he had a B or B+ rating from the NRA while in the assembly.
  14. EdF

    primary ?

    Are there ANY races on the Democrat ballot?
  15. EdF

    Glock carbine?

    Interesting . . .
  16. 1. Do I have to contact the FFL first? How do I pick or find an FFL near me? I would suggest contacting the FFL first. Some don't like accepting transfers, some don't like dealing with certain online vendors, some charge more, some charge less. Being friendly with your local FFL is a good thing. They can help you with more than transfers. You will have to supply information about the FFL to the online vendor. The gun will be shipped directly to the FFL who will log it in and contact to go do paperwork. After you fill out paperwork, they will run the NICS check and let you know when that is complete. You then go back and pick up the gun. The only difference between long guns and handguns is the paperwork. 2. I also saw that I can purchase from Cabela's (Bas Pro) and they will ship to the Atlantic City location, would I be able to pick it up from there or do I still need a FFL involved? Are you SURE that Cabela's will still do this? I'm not certain. They ARE an FFL so you need them but you don't need ANOTHER FFL. 3. Are rifle purchases different (do they need an FFL involved)? As noted, the only difference between a long gun and a handgun is the paperwork. The rest of the process is the same. Depending on what you are buying, you may have hundreds of dollars in fees and work that you need to pay for. If you, for example, buy a Glock that ships with 15 or 17 round magazines, some online vendors may not ship ANY magazines and you will need to buy NJ compliant magazines elsewhere. Or, they may ship the magazines and have to have them "blocked" by the FFL. This can cost $25 a piece. On the other hand, if you buy an AR online and it's not already NJ compliant, you may have to pay to have the flash suppressor pinned and welded and the collapsible stock pinned before you can take it home. There may be $200 worth or work needed. Vote Republican . . .
  17. I have both Magpuls and Glock 10 rounders for my 17. Both work very well.
  18. First . . . I would suggest that the system isn't "backlogged". That implies that there is more than can be done. The problems in LE sitting on the work and delaying the processing. Second, there are people working on creating movement in the state but that is going to require a large amount of turnover in the legislature this fall AND a new governor. One or the other will not get it done and it may take several election cycles to effect change in the legislature. I'm running for assembly and I support both a rollback of the draconian system of rules that NJ residents have been forced to live under AND Constitutional Carry. My opponent, majority leader Greenwald, hasn't met a gun restriction that he doesn't like. But, just electing me isn't going to change things. We need a concerted effort on the local level to elect people who will support our rights. Everyone needs to get out and find out when their representative and their challenger believe and vote accordingly. People have a tendency to think that their representative is a "good guy" and the that the other representatives are the "problem". We can't all be right.
  19. EdF

    primary ?

    Ciattarelli HAS come around on Trump. Maybe not as much as some would like but I keep pointing out that Trump lost NJ by 15% TWICE. Jack certainly supports Trump from a policy standpoint and knows what we need to create jobs which should be what this election is about. Most of Jack's complaints about Trump in 2015 were more personal than political and you should remember that there were MANY Republicans who didn't believe that Trump was going to be Conservative enough. On the border, I don't think that NJ has lurched to left much at all. Here the problem is less about immigration than about voting patterns that have existed since at least the 1960's. There has always been a sizable mob presence here and that leads to unionization and Democrat politics. We haven't elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate since 1972 so this is a long standing problem. No . . . As I understand it now, there will not be a mass mailing of unsolicited mail-in ballots. Voting is expected to be primarily in person but I would also expect there to be more requests for mail-in ballots.
  20. EdF

    primary ?

    He doesn't talk the game that Singh does but I wouldn't put much stock in that. 2A isn't going to get you a lot of votes in NJ and will turn many away. This is another reason that I think that a Singh win in the primary is a bad thing. Ciattereli can win in November. If we give him enough support in the assembly and senate we can get some 2A movement. Singh isn't going to get the votes to win in November and isn't likely to have the coattails to bring the legislature with him if he does. Beware of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Politics is the art of the possible, not the perfect.
  21. EdF

    primary ?

    Bullshit . . . All three of the Republican primary candidates are all over Murphy on Facebook and Ciatarrelli is running TV ads. Few of the Republicans running for senate and assembly have primary opponents so things are quieter there but you can see what I have been saying about Murphy and the Democrat legislature here . . . I'm working on a page for my running mates and myself to post as a team. www.facebook.com/EdFarmerLD6
  22. Damn it! They caught me with the "Do you oppose . . . " v "Do you support . . . " It's like they were trying to trip me up! Don't worry I oppose ANY new restrictions!
  23. I received a "candidate's questionnaire" from the NRA this afternoon. This is what I submitted. Does anybody have any questions? NRA-PVF_2021_New_Jersey_Candidate_Questionnaire.pdf
  24. When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes . . . https://www.theblaze.com/news/intruder-kicks-in-door-woman-gun?utm_content=buffer9f002&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=fb-glennbeck&fbclid=IwAR3ZgQnuCMVhH0gaeRutOz_F08zf9A0Fa07pvIv2Ezk44za8dXCezi2hhJ8
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