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  1. I carry a back back when I travel . . . My "modern" life usually requires a laptop or tablet, phone charger, headphones and other things that would get me strange looks if I stuffed them in my pockets.
  2. EdF


    Is anybody shooting any of the 5.7x28 handguns? Should I want one? Or, is it just that it's new and unusual that makes want it?
  3. It is . . . But, the ATF isn't really interested in PA, NJ, NY or CT laws and the states can get away with more than the federal government can. But, this is really a show piece. They aren't going to accomplish anything except getting some press.
  4. Just a note . . . In both of the cases here, I believe that the gun must have been legally purchased even if out of state or prior to NJ's gun law growth. How you would prove, or the government disprove, that after 50 years is another story.
  5. https://www.fox29.com/news/armed-customer-fatally-shoots-robber-at-texas-restaurant?taid=615bf46fa6777700018ffa8e&utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=twitter
  6. I just did this a little over a year ago, Mount Laurel to Cherry Hill. Yes, you have to go online and fill out the same form. There a box that you check indicating that it's an address change and you will include the number from you current card. You don't actually go through the whole process. Even during Covid, mine took about a week.
  7. Yes! Also make sure to let them know once you sign the online form. I've had references get their email within an hour and respond just as quickly. If they know when it's coming, it will not get buried in their inbox.
  8. So, that limits the type of gun safe you want to look for. I would keep a personal protection weapon in a safe in a closet. You likely want something with a biometric lock (there one for sale here on the forums!) so that you can access it quickly. You're also going to want several extra magazines. Personally, I keep THAT weapon in my nightstand drawer (there are no kids in the house) with two magazines of hollow points that STAY in the drawer. I don't take those magazines to the range. There are also usually a couple of magazines with range ammo in there. So . . . I guess I'm saying that you should buy several 10 round magazines. Of course, if the administration in Trenton changes and I win my assembly seat, you may be able to buy larger capacity mags . . . We'll see . . .
  9. I didn't see anyone else ask, so I will pose two questions: First, is your intended purchase a handgun, shotgun or rifle? Second, what is the purpose of the purchase? These two questions will have an impact on what else you need. Particularly, gun storage.
  10. As I understand it, Ciattarelli would be happy to have "shall issue" in NJ. His talk about permits for "certain professions" is something that he will try to push through a Democrat controlled legislature as a "foot-in-the-door" along with repeal of the magazine limits. He has said, very clearly, many times, that a Republican legislature puts everything on the table.
  11. I'm sure that many did . . . Just like I'm sure that many did not . . . You're a businessman and your income is based on your location along with other factors. It costs you a lot more to move that it does some guy in a two bedroom apartment who isn't expecting to live there for the rest of his life anyway. If he can keep extra money in his pocket today, he will and he will worry about tomorrow when it comes.
  12. First . . . I think that California wants to pay off everyone's back rent! After that terrible idea, landlords will likely be able to rework mortgages because the banks do NOT want the properties. The same goes for homeowners who have fallen behind. Yes, some MAY bail at high prices but for rentals, it's difficult to find investors because they know they are buying at the top of the market. For homeowners, they are going to need to live somewhere. If you sell at the top, you're buying at the top. Many may move to rentals to wait out the bubble but this will drive rents up. Banks do not want to be in the RE business. It almost always results in a loss for them.
  13. The tenants already owed the money to their landlords. The moratorium was on collection action/eviction. The rents due still accumulated as unpaid. This is the real crux of the problem. Many tenants who continued to work and could have been paying their rent didn't pay because they "didn't have to". Without the moratorium, tenants and landlords could have worked out deals for those affected by the pandemic and continued to collect from those who were not. Remember, as well, that many of these people are not working because the earn MORE on unemployment. This process has completely screwed many landlords who are often actually small businesses who own a half dozen single family homes as rental properties. Not every landlord collects millions from a highrise apartment building.
  14. Many of these lines of credit ARE tied to real estate. If they expect a crash, it would be time to get out.
  15. Save some Amazon boxes or get some used boxes from Walmart or the super market. Put the ammo in and tape it up. Everybody who comes through will know that you are getting ready to move so they will not question it. I would less worried about liberals then kids playing with it or someone just helping themselves to 50 rounds figuring that you have so much that you will not even notice.
  16. For the last 30 years, every time a Democrat wins, I hear "No Republican will ever win again!" . . . Then when a Republican wins I hear, "No Democrat will ever win again!" Both have been proven wrong every time.
  17. I've heard the man speak and I've talked to him personally. Unless you are talking about something that I haven't said, I don't know what 101.5 said. Someone here says that they heard Ciattarelli say that he doesn't want to be governor. I never heard anything such thing.
  18. Republicans have won six of the last ten elections for governor but it has been 40 years since Republicans held the governorship and both houses of the legislature. In that 40 years, no Democrat has been elected to a second term as governor and every Democrat president elected has been followed, the next year, by a Republican governor. Republicans made gains in the last legislative elections. BTW: Ciattarelli hasn't said that he doesn't want to be governor unless he has a Republican majority. He has said that he will be limited in what he can do without a Republican majority. That is most certainly true.
  19. That's great . . . But, it matter WHO you donate. I don't see crap from most 2A organizations and only a few that are at the state level. As noted earlier . . . If you want to make a difference, support your assembly and senate candidates. They are the ones who drive this crap and I'll guarantee that most of you don't even know who your reps are.
  20. Hog wash . . . Look at how quickly Colorado changed. Florida is always on the cusp. They have a damned gook governor there now but for how long?
  21. If you inserted the "somewhat" because you think that the only way gun rights here will be restored is with a SCOTUS ruling, take the somewhat out . . . The OP listed a slew of problems with NJ, not just 2A issues. No, you can't get 5000 for a gun rights rally. Rallies don't draw anybody when they start. You want to draw 5000 people? You need to hold a successful, smaller, rally every six months until you grow the number of active people. Look around here? Most of these people have given up completely. Grass roots, starts with the roots and they have to be built. But, even with all of THAT, gun rights restrictions are moving from the local stage to the national. Running to Florida isn't going to help there either.
  22. Not to sound at nasty but why are you telling us? Go. Have fun. You list problems like we don't know them. Whatever you dislike here is going to show up everywhere else unless people are willing to stand up and fight. You don't want to do that here, you can do it in Florida in a few years. I have no idea what makes people feel like they are safe from these problems elsewhere.
  23. Nope . . . What he has said is that is what he will push without the legislature. You're just proving my point . . . So, I'm out on this part of the conversation.
  24. Actually . . . He does and says it at just about every stop. The "incremental shit" is exactly what I was talking about. If you don't vote for Jack and you don't put Republicans in the legislature, you won't get shit. But, that's too much work so you'll just keep complaining. Then come out and fucking ask him the question. He's all over the place, every day. I'm sure you can find an event in Sussex County. I just asked the campaign when they are in Sussex next. I'll let you know what I find out.
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