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  1. The tide CAN be turned . . . The next administration isn't likely to revamp NJ draconian carry laws but progress can be made. Smaller changes and the result of those changes can be used to convince more in the state that legal gun ownership isn't a danger but is actually a plus. VOTE in November with this in mind. Vote at ALL levels with this in mind.
  2. The .22s will not go bad (or out of style) and you can always pick up a rifle to plink around with those. Request another P2P now. Today. Do not delay. It shouldn't take anywhere near as long as your last request because that one included the FID. You can also follow up with a .22 handgun purchase. As for advice on your first purchase, what's the purpose? Let that question drive your decision.
  3. In simple terms . . . Any short barrelled 12 or 20 gauge pump. Short barrel to maneuver around the house and pump to scare the shit out of them without firing a shot.
  4. Federal American Eagle M193 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJ. 200 rounds (10 boxes of 20). $140 Sending PM
  5. If they would follow up and report how the "citizens" acquired the guns, this would be great. However, as it is, it makes it look like a "too many guns" problem.
  6. This is about the least important question that can come up in a self defense situation. It's the last portion of the investigation that anybody will care about. Yes, if I were reloading, I would have no issue using those rounds for self defense.
  7. I don't think that you need to worry about your aunt having any paperwork for any of the guns . . . Unless they were stolen but even then I doubt that it would come up. The right answer is above. I don't think that you qualify for any exemptions even if they were left to in his will.
  8. It was introduced at the start of the last congress as well. It didn't go anywhere near a vote. This is done so that Democrats can go back to the their district and claim that they "introduced" or "cosponsored" legislation without actually lying.
  9. This is something that needs to be cleared up in NJ gun law. Obviously, the bill to clear that up could go one of two ways. It could be used to tighten other portions of the law or it could be used to loosen other parts of the law. My vote is the second. Get out and vote Republican. Give us a shot at getting something done.
  10. Normal self defense conditions? The "normal conditions" at my house are that no one is breaking in or threatening me or my family. As soon as someone does, the conditions be ABNORMAL. That's what we need protection for. What the hell does an AR have to do with it? In NJ we are still limited to 10 rounds and an AR doesn't shoot or reload any faster than a handgun. I'm really not sure what you are trying to show us here.
  11. Well . . . Everybody else has pointed out that you're assuming a 100% hit rate and . . . well . . . no more than three assailants . . . But, beyond that, it doesn't make a damned bit of difference what you think. You will not be defending my home or my family. It's up to me to determine what I need and/or what I want. I don't even want to go to the range and have to reload every three rounds.
  12. I picked up the EZ version, thumb safety and all, for my girlfriend. She has a couple of messed up fingers that make it difficult to rack the slide on other guns. We've only had it to the range once but both liked it a lot.
  13. Please PM me if the 9mm falls through.
  14. Remember . . . It's not that you can buy a "rifle" with only an FID and DL. You are buying a "firearm". If it's NOT a handgun (pistol) you only need an FID and DL. If it IS handgun, you need an additional permit.
  15. A couple of years ago, my mechanic's Snap On unit didn't pick up a bad external temperature sensor on my BMW 530. It was actually my then wife who sat in the car while he and I were under the hood and said, "It's not -74 degrees out there is it?" It was August. All she did was look at the dashboard display. One $20 sensor later the car was running great again. I don't have the car, or the wife, anymore.
  16. https://www.foxnews.com/us/south-carolina-invader-elderly-woman-dies-scuffle-husband?fbclid=IwAR1clCu1pf6vjNL7Bo-ZvKo-zoSPu2R7qhc41h5PsW857AK5w6AQHzIqh4k How would New Jersey handle this?
  17. That's what's load in my HD weapons . . . I have dedicated mags that I don't even both to take to the range.
  18. Pretty much the same advice that I gave but what the fuck do I know.
  19. Builders are sucking up production because sales are high . . .
  20. It's just a point and clink interface . . . https://www.foxnews.com/us/12-year-old-kills-home-intruder-after-73-year-old-woman-shot-during-robbery?fbclid=IwAR2XK6Fxs5lXc4bAyKP7AApCj3KweU1cx9DEvqz6kayIaV_BmcJuDH6koNA
  21. I'm not sure that I buy either number. A study published in April of 2020 found that just under 15% of NJ households owned a gun. About 1,000,000 total homes. I know that number is up since then but I doubt that it reached 30%.
  22. On a positive note, I suspect that maintaining US military contracts will likely require that Colt will have quite a bit of autonomy in US operations.
  23. I'm not entirely sure what you would like to see changed . . . Crappy videos are par for the course on sites like no matter the subject. I've been deep in gun sites, photography sites and tax sites beside the more typical social media. I haven't found one that didn't have it's share of bullshit. On the "minority" side: NJ does have just about the lowest gun owner rate in the country. But, it's still over a million owners and as of last April, right around 15% of the population. That number has grown. I don't know what the current rate is but 15%, if everyone of us were reachable and voted on 2nd Amendment issues, we would be a significant voting block. Of course, what you get here is a tiny fraction of that one million gun owners. For the most part, we are from the most passionate of that one million. This would be a boring place if everybody agreed on everything but I do agree that a few have gotten out of hand over little tiny shit. When that gets personal, we do need an adult to step in. I 've been here for about 6 months. I don't think that very much here is a problem.
  24. https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/local/polkcounty/frostproof-home-burglary-shooting/67-2f876fce-7fbd-4018-b5c0-3da033dea816
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