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  1. Selling 400 rounds of 9mm. 7 boxes Blazer and 1 box Federal. All 115grain factory load. Selling the lot for $260. Will meet in person or can arrange shipping for a small fee. First person to post, “I’ll take it” wins the item. Thanks for viewing my post.
  2. This item is sold to @Marc Kochan. Please close the sale
  3. @Displaced Texan I purchased them from an online retailer who bought directly from Winchester
  4. @Scorpio64 I can mail it via ups ground. If you’d like.
  5. This shotgun has a Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 scope mounted. Features a front and rear sling attachment with bandolier style sling. I’ve used about 150 shells and deep cleaned it at the 35 - 60 - 85 -110 -130 shell mark. The 21” barrel is rifled and the 28” barrel is smooth bore. Listing for $1050. Located in Central Jersey. FFL will be done through ReloaderzNJ. I can clean the shotgun again upon buyer’s request. First person to comment “I’ll take it” wins the sale.
  6. Mixed bag of Prvi Partizan and Belmont 123gr 7.62x39mm rounds. Selling for $125. Both rounds are extremely reliable. Located in Central Jersey. First person to comment “I’ll take it” wins the sales.
  7. Selling 200 rounds of M855 for $180. Still sealed in case. Located in central jersey. First person to comment “I’ll take it” wins the item.
  8. Selling 100rds Loose Winchester 308 150gr for $110. Located in Central Jersey. (Much like my other posts). First one to comment “I’ll take it” wins the sale
  9. I am selling 100 of Prvi Partizan 170 gr rounds and 20 rounds of commemorative John Wayne 150gr rounds. Unfortunately I did not keep the box for the John Wayne rounds. $125 for the Prvi rounds and $30 for the John Wayne. Can ship via UPS Ground. First person to comment “I’ll take it” wins the sales.
  10. Okay that works for me. Where exactly would I go? I’m heading to Parsippany tomorrow for work
  11. I would prefer to not pay an arm and a leg for ammo. Please provide fair offers. Looking for about 100 shells. I’m located in Central Jersey. Can use any form of payment.
  12. Lmao there are a couple guns at my local shop and I’m hoping the same thing.
  13. @SJG I use a standard AR 5.56 lower. I am not sure if it will accept AK mags, but it will come with AR 7.62x39 mags
  14. @SJG I fired 10 shots out of it total. I have pictures of the BCG. I’ll send them in a second. @tuktuk I have mags that I’ll include in the purchase.
  15. Thanks @18Steel very polite and good buyer! I hope I was able to give you a rating
  16. Selling 100 shells of 00 Buckshot. Going for $90 obo. Located in Woodbridge, NJ. First one to post, “I’ll take it” wins the item.
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