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  1. You will get the NJSP Background check once you are fingerprinted.
  2. I put in my application in November and I am STILL WAITING for Manalapan to send my FID and single handgun permit. I've emailed twice and gotten the six months reply. A guy on here also applied the same time as me and just got his recently so I may be soon. If you just applied 2 months ago think September in Manalapan.
  3. 1st week of May and I'm still waiting in Manalapan for my FID/Handgun Permit since filing on November. I emailed them the beginning of last month and received reply they are 6 months backed up. This is crazy. Gonna put in for 2nd HG permit as soon as the 1st is ok'ed just in case.
  4. I plan to wait until April 8th and give them the 2nd month.. There is no way to tell how many other residents are also waiting. I'm just concerned i was never contacted. I've read 4 - 6 weeks is the standard wait in town.
  5. I'm also waiting for Manalapan to issue my FID and Pistol Permit. I started online application in November. I received the state email the 1st week of January. Manalapan cashed my check Feb. 8th and I have yet to be contacted by phone or email. Really frustrating.
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