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  1. Well, laying the Agile 40 on its side or back wont work. The closet has one of those California Closet set ups in it that I am not allowed to remove (wife's orders, LOL), so I don't have the width needed. I have the height for a 40 or even a 52, on the hanging side of the closet. Honestly I think I just need to figure out where to relocate the clothing and shoes so i can use the space I originally wanted to use. Thank you all, George
  2. @Mr.Stu........whoa! i didn't think of that. Gonna take some measurements and see if that will work. Ofcourse, Secureit's 15% on the Agile's is over...but I can wait to see what Christmas brings Thanks, George
  3. Oh I know! That is why I was hoping to fit a lockable security cabinet (like Secureit's Agile 40) inside the closet and bolt the thing to the wall & floor. I was unable to configure the closet to accommodate my plan since there is also clothing and shoes in the same space. Wife wasn't happy with me buying a standalone wardrobe cabinet for the displaced clothing.
  4. @High Exposure, the closet I was planning on using is a bedroom closet with 2 sliding bi-pass doors. I guess I can see what kind of locks are available for those. Thank you everyone. Some great ideas here. George Thank you everyone. Some great options for me to consider. George
  5. Hi Everyone, I was planning on purchasing one of the the Secureit ultralight cabinets so i can organize and put all my stuff in one place. I was originally hoping to put it into a closet but that option is not going to work out as i thought...even the Agile 40 is too tall. So I am looking for potential alternatives......shorter and wider. I do not have any long guns and most likely will not in the future. So 2 pistols right now, but would like some additional space for 2 more, mags, ammo, eyes/ears, cleaning supplies, etc. I like the Secureit concept. I do not need fire rating. I am going to be using a room on the second floor that contains some workout stuff and a wall mounted TV. I'd like some sort of security cabinet that can fit under the TV. The pistols will be stored in a secured case and the ammo is all in locked ammo cans. It would be great if the cabinet can lock, but I want this to be inconspicuous. There are no kids in the house, so this is to keep things out of view to family & friends that visit and of course strangers that shouldn't be there in the first place. I already have a night table set up with a fingerprint case that holds my main 9mm for home defense. This would be to hold pistols and stuff that I do not need to reach right away. I'd also like to be able to put a small fire proof safe to hold important documents just to give them a chance of surviving a fire. Let me hear your creative thoughts on this! Thank you, George
  6. Hello All, Just wanted to give you all an update on my experience. Made a 9am appointment at Oakland, NJ DMV. My wife and I were in in and out in 30 minutes. New DL with RealID should sow in 2-3 weeks. Thank you all, George
  7. Thank you. I made an appointment in Oakland, NJ. I'll check out the link you gave me! George
  8. Hello All, My DL is expiring in December and I'm just wondering how long it takes for NJ DMV to issue a Real ID DL. My next travel plans are in early December. If I make an appointment now will i get it in time? Thank you, George
  9. Thank you everyone. That furniture company is definitely worth checking out! Regards, George
  10. Hi All, As the subject states....I am looking for a means to secure my firearms on a second floor. Normally, I'd go a gun safe route but I am concerned about weight....for whatever reason...maybe I shouldn't care. I realize these are not as robust as a gun safe, but I can easily conceal this in a closet so it is totally out of sight. Anyone here have any experience with this company and their products? https://www.secureitgunstorage.com/ Thank you, George
  11. @Tunaman, So i did alot of reading on how to get a red dot on my P320. My slide is optics ready, but the rear irons are part of the plate. I was originally going to do a bobro plate with the rear sight, a dawson suppressor height front sight, and a holoson 507c. I want to keep the irons for back up purposes only. This is my range gun and God forbid my home defense gun. I will never carry this everyday if I went down the CC road now that it is available to us. When I too into consideration the costs of my original set up it came close to the $530 asking price of the RXP slide at Proven Arms. So I did some reading on the Romeo1Pro and I recognize that the SIG optic is not as reliable as an RMR or Holson......but I think i am okay with that considering my intended use of this gun. The RXP slide gives me better future options versus my current slide. I'd have the opportunity to swap to a better optic later down the road with just a mounting plate and my back up irons stay in place. Thoughts on my thinking here? Thanks, George
  12. Hello all, I'm considering taking the easy route with my P320 and ordering an RXP slide with Romeo red dot already mounted. Has anyone on here bought anything from Proven Arms? Reputable retailer? They have the RXP slide for $530.....a little more money that going the adapter plate/red dot route plus I get taller iron sights as a backup. https://www.provenoutfitters.com/ Thank you, George
  13. @ShootersShooter, noted!! I will call everyday
  14. @Displaced TexanFor now, that is the route I am going as well. @ShootersShooter, I will also contact my congressman and make the same request....though here in Bergen Cty...it may fall on deaf ears
  15. Personally I feel the use of EO is over reaching both at the federal and state level. Its the answer all leaders take (Dem or Repub) when they know they will face obstacles in getting it through the proper channels. Then depending on the party, the media either makes them a hero or vilifies them.....it really needs to be limited to specific circumstances, IMO
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