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  1. Cant wait to get this thing to the range and have some fun!!
  2. Thanks everyone, I order a few different varieties....basically whatever I was able to find in 50 or 100 round allotments. The CCI Clean I bought is the sub-sonic. I will give it a try and keep an eye out for the high velocity ones to try as well Have a great weekend. UPS tracking has my toy hitting the FFL on monday. George
  3. I looked at the CCI Cleans and they are listed as sub-sonic. Would that be an issue for the SW22?
  4. @10X, thank you. I'm excited to get it. First thing I am going to do is clean and lubricate it. I've read that this is dirty ammo and a good habit would be to clean it after every shooting session. What are your thoughts on Aguila, Federal, Winchester, Remington, or Browning ammo? I run Blazer and Federal through my P320 (9mm, 115gr) all day long without any hiccups. George
  5. Hello Everyone, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a SW22 Victory. Should be picking it up from my FFL next week. This is my first .22lr and Ive read that .22lr can be finicky but generally the Smith eats most ammo. Any recommendations on which ammo to start with? I realized that there are copper plated round nose options, are those worth a look? I was thinking of starting with some CCI Mini-Mags 40gr, CCI Standard 40gr, and Norma TAC22 40gr. What else should I consider? Thank you, George
  6. So many complication is our wonderful republic! Thank you all, George
  7. Mr. Stu....honestly I wasnt sure. Thats why I asked
  8. There is a S&W SW22 Victory Performance Center on gunbroker.com that is interesting me. It has a red dot already installed, but does include a muzzle break. On a .22lr...no idea why S&W thought a muzzle device is needed..... https://www.gunbroker.com/item/929154085 Would this firearm be NJ legal or would it need compliance work? Thank you, George
  9. Good morning everyone, There seems to be workout routines for everything these days and i was wondering if there are any workouts or exercises I should incorporate into my general routine that will help in the use of firearms? Things to build better grip strength or upper/lower body routines to help stay in the correct formation when shooting? I havent been inside a gym since the lockdowns and will be getting my workout routine back in gear. Looking to see what I should be adding. Thanks, George
  10. Thank you Mr.Stu. That is how I interpreted it as well Now I just have to wait on my permits That said....a suppressor would be a no-no, correct?? Just curious on it. I have no intention of adding one. If it was available with a bull barrel I'd go that route... George
  11. Hi Everyone, From a different post of mine, I have decided to go after a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite. From what I can tell the threaded barrel is the only "bad" item. With that, 1) I am assuming this is a legal firearm to own in NJ and 2) there is no compliance work needed. If I am mistaken on the above, please let me know. I realize I need to go through a FFL and they will keep me straight. But there is a Mark IV option without the threaded barrel that I could chase after as well. I am not interested in using any sort of suppressor device. I just think the Lite looks really cool over the regular Mark IVs Thank you, George
  12. Well....I am hoping to also use this as a gateway to get my wife into handguns. She likes shooting 20g shotguns (clay pigeon), but never took to my SIGP320 in 9mm. LOL....its a gateway gun... But I am looking forward to plinking with it myself. I've shot my buddy's M&P15 rifle in .22LR and that is just a blast to shoot...all day looong! Permit application done online. Now just window shop online and wait George
  13. That Ruger 22/45 Lite is really sweet looking. Okay, before I get my cart ahead of the horse.....I need to apply for a handgun permit This will be my first using the new e-system. wish me luck George
  14. Thank you all. I will check out the recommendations. I guess I should put an application in for handgun permits.
  15. I think the answer is yes, but I thought I'd check in here. I'm considering a .22LR pistol for plinking fun. Any recommendations on a pistol? I know Rugar has one that seems to be highly regarded. I saw SIG has a new P322 which comes with a 20rd magazine and a threaded barrel. I know the magazine can be made compliant, is the threaded barrel a NJ no-no? Thank you, George
  16. Thanks everyone. That is a great video George
  17. Hi Everyone, I store my ammo in metal ammo cans. I also include a desiccant bag in each can. God forbid, in a house fire, what happens?? Are there measures I should be considering to keep my family and first responders safe? Thank you, George
  18. Thank you @raz-0. i will check this out. I have also read that the Romeo1Pro was meant to be used with the regular xrays3 front sight and not the suppressor height sight for co-witnessing. If that is true, then my decision maybe getting easier. Regards, George
  19. @bhunted Thank you for the input. My vision situation at this time is being far sighted. I can see distance but I need glasses for anything arms length or closer. My last eye doctor visit resulted in a prescription for readers. But I work behind a computer and I have noticed over this past year my eye sight is getting worse so i will need to keep that in mind @kc17 which adapter plate did you use? I am looking at the Bopro M17 plate but I am first going to call SIG to see if my slide and the M17 slide have the same optic plate. If they do I am leaning towards the Holoson. i just need to find a new suppressor height front sight Lastly, I guess from SIG, I can go with the Romeo but I believe I lose my rear sight...unless I spring for the RXP slide w/ Romeo
  20. For sights, ideally I am going to put an optic on it. I have another thread regarding my P320 and going to an optic on that. I realize I have only been shooting for a year, but I need glasses to see things arms length or closer and I am having trouble with my P320 (it has XRay night sights) so I've decided to go into optics earlier than I planned. That said...it was my understanding that there are some aftermarket handguards that work with the S&W and Colt that give rail placement beyond the A2 sight and towards the barrel....they may not be floating as you point out. I want the handguard mainly to mount the a light....and i kinda like the look of the handguard extending out close to the end of the barrel. But I have no experience with the A2 sight set up versus flip up sights. I do plan on seeing what Reloaderz has available to rent so I can actually see the difference in sight set ups as well as grips, etc since I have never handled an AR. That was my approach when I bought the P320.....I rented a lot of handguns and went with what felt good in my hands and shot reasonably well for a beginner.
  21. Thank you again. From what I can tell, the way my slide works I will lose my rear sight as it is part of the cover plate. It looks like the Romeo1PRO may have incorporated a notch in the rear that would be used in conjunction with both the dot and the front sight in the event the dot fails.....so i guess that may lead me to the Romeo afterall. Gonna keep doing some reading because I dont want to lose my iron sights....I want them as back up/co-witness.
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