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  1. @DPNJ, that is what I was hoping for as well.    My hard plastic cases that hold my pistols can each be locked.   So i am thinking of just finding a back pack that can fit the 2 cases.   In your situation, a back pack that can fit 3 cases.   I would then transport ammo separately (both 9mm and 22LR) in a locked ammo can.    BUT!!!   I doubt there is then room for eye/ear protection too....so, those midway bags seems like a good choice....get one big enough to hold the pistol cases and ears/eyes, then ammo in a separate can.   I guess the other alternative is the back pack for the guns, and a midway bag for an ammo can plus eyes/ears.

    To me, that seems like the best solution

  2. @10x, dang i love the bullseye box idea.    I am a woodworker so I will look for some plans online.   I'll also check out the Midway bags.....I do have individual cases for the pistols that are lockable, so maybe one of the Midways would acomodate the pistol cases and ammo.


    @1LtCAP, a safe in your truck......ain't nobody gonna dispute the stuff isn't secure for transport with that!!   Love it!!


    Thanks, George

  3. Hi All,

    What are you guys using to transport 2 hand guns and ammo to the range?   All of my gear is for 1 pistol and now I have a SW22 Victory as a range toy.    Give me some ideas on what to consider for transport.   I want something that I can lock.   So a case that can hold 2 pistols and magazines that can be locked.   Another for the ammo, which I also prefer to lock on its own....I know, overkill....but I am not giving any law enforcement any opportunity to say I am not in compliance....so I go overkill :).

    This is for a full size SIG P320 (9mm), SW Victory (22LR), and elated ammo.

    Thank you & have a great weekend, George


  4. Thanks everyone, I order a few different varieties....basically whatever I was able to find in 50 or 100 round allotments.     The CCI Clean I bought is the sub-sonic.   I will give it a try and keep an eye out for the high velocity ones to try as well

    Have a great weekend.   UPS tracking has my toy hitting the FFL on monday.   


  5. @10X, thank you.   I'm excited to get it.    First thing I am going to do is clean and lubricate it.   I've read that this is dirty ammo and a good habit would be to clean it after every shooting session.     What are your thoughts on Aguila, Federal, Winchester, Remington, or Browning ammo?

    I run Blazer and Federal through my P320 (9mm, 115gr) all day long without any hiccups.


  6. Hello Everyone,

    I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a SW22 Victory.   Should be picking it up from my FFL next week.  

    This is my first .22lr and Ive read that .22lr can be finicky but generally the Smith eats most ammo.   Any recommendations on which ammo to start with?    I realized that there are copper plated round nose options, are those worth a look?

    I was thinking of starting with some CCI Mini-Mags 40gr, CCI Standard 40gr, and Norma TAC22 40gr.    What else should I consider?

    Thank you, George

  7. Good morning everyone,

    There seems to be workout routines for everything these days and i was wondering if there are any workouts or exercises I should incorporate into my general routine that will help in the use of firearms?   Things to build better grip strength or upper/lower body routines to help stay in the correct formation when shooting?

    I havent been inside a gym since the lockdowns and will be getting my workout routine back in gear.   Looking to see what I should be adding.

    Thanks, George

  8. Hi Everyone,

    From a different post of mine, I have decided to go after a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite.    From what I can tell the threaded barrel is the only "bad" item.   With that, 1) I am assuming this is a legal firearm to own in NJ and 2) there is no compliance work needed.

    If I am mistaken on the above, please let me know.    I realize I need to go through a FFL and they will keep me straight.   But there is a Mark IV option without the threaded barrel that I could chase after as well.   I am not interested in using any sort of suppressor device.   I just think the Lite looks really cool over the regular Mark IVs :)

    Thank you, George

  9. Well....I am hoping to also use this as a gateway to get my wife into handguns.    She likes shooting 20g shotguns (clay pigeon), but never took to my SIGP320 in 9mm.    LOL....its a gateway gun...

    But I am looking forward to plinking with it myself.   I've shot my buddy's M&P15 rifle in .22LR and that is just a blast to shoot...all day looong!

    Permit application done online.   Now just window shop online and wait :)


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