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  1. Loved my 9mm valor so much I just grabbed a 2nd DW , found a 9mm Specialist the other day that I couldn't pass up. Its on its way
  2. Yeah looks like plenty of 9 mm available all over the web , got some 124 gr for .35 per round with tax and shipping included a couple days ago . Grabbed some other 124 gr for like . 41 earlier this week also . Seems like there’s a ton out there and most places it’s dropping although Natchez looks like they are still climbing price wise . I hit them hard up this last 18 months before the prices got unbuyable .
  3. https://www.ammoshoponline.com/shop/caliber/handgun/357-magnum/357-magnum-158-gr-fmj-norma-range-training-qty-50-10-box-limit/ They also got some 9 mm 115 grain for like .44 pr shipped . Shipping is expensive but both my orders came out to .66 pr tax , shipping & .44 pr tax and shipping . Ammo is decent I shot about 2000 rounds of 357 without any issues and at least that much 9 mm probably allot more than that without any issues .
  4. They had PMC for .38 pr round megtech & S & b for .44 per round a couple days ago. Got mega tech both Wednesday and Thursday so it didn't sell right out like usual. was able to grab all 3 . Just got to poke around their page a few times during the day.
  5. Hopefully the supply don’t dwindle that much , I burn threw 3/4 of a tank a day with my work truck commuting all over NY . Up paying is one thing but running out of supply would totally suck for a whole lot of people . Herd somewhere on the news that they might suspend the higher gas taxes here in NJ because of lack of demand. Probably just more fake news from the lame stream media . Cant see the state of NJ cutting anyone any breaks any time soon .
  6. I hit both of them this week couldn’t pass up .51 per round . The Remington were 250 round box’s I had 2 in my cart then decided to pass on them a little pricey for 38 rounds think they were .68 pr not .78 like I posted earlier. Both drops only last minutes . Reddit in stock ammo has cost me a small fortune over the last 6 months . Keep saying I’m done and then something decently priced pops up . Natchez is tough sometimes but other times they just drop crazy amounts of stock . Looks like Bass Pro just started their online sales back up again with random drops . Sucks for us in NJ long ride to PA to pick up orders.
  7. Natchez had them twice this week . Pmc for .51 pr and Remington for .78 pr . Precision has them in stock now but they are a little pricey I bought a bunch of 38 and 357 about 6 months ago for half the price they want now . But it’s in stock if your desperate. https://precisiononeammunition.com/product-category/ammunition/pistol/new/38-special/
  8. Looks like a Remington drop on Natchez today .
  9. Natchez has / had a bunch of 9 mm up among other things just now . CCI aluminum.37 Remington for .44 had 1500 rounds of different brands in the cart but decided I finall have enough 9
  10. Nope they are one of the few who don't ask for it.
  11. Just got off the phone adding some mini mags to one of my orders, they have plenty of Remington 9mm still .44 pr sales guy asked me sure you don't want to add some. Told him again I am real good on 9 mm but under .40 pr I can't pass it up. So if anyone needs 9 mm call them up sounds like they got a huge load in today.
  12. Natchez also dropped CCI blazer 9 mm aluminum.37 cpr and Remington 9mm . 44 cpr today . Grabbed some more of the aluminum my Glock runs good on it . Seems like they have .40’sh cpr at least once a week finding it before it gets scooped is the problem. I normally have an hour or two to kill a day on the job so I have been very lucky with grabbing it .
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