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  1. LOL I was just getting ready to head out when I saw your add , safety always first .
  2. I will text you shortly about the Sig 226 legion , driving now .
  3. Grabbed a Valor 9mm yesterday off of gun broker cant wait for it to make its way home and to the range.
  4. Looking for a Sig 9 mm 226 legion RXP , figured I would give it a shot here before gun broker .
  5. I got no problem stepping aside if Blueskybob is will to take the lot . Like I said in my pm I have a bunch of hollow points already so that’s why I didn’t need or take the lot .
  6. I’ll take the critical duty if your willing to separate them .
  7. Link shows unavailable however if anyone still needs it add it to your wish list , then hit edit wish list and add it . Shows up on my wishlist . Grabbed another case last week at .50 per round even though I have plenty of 9 mm . Crazy how this has gone up . 6 months ago I was paying like $200 from Natchez for this same case . Bought 6 of these since then , it’s a little dirty but I haven’t had one jam in over 3000 rounds of it so far . Natchez did have some PMC last week for .34 per round and some S & B for .40 cpr but the bots sucked that up quick . Just glad they had a 357 and 38 spl drop last week caught that right on time .
  8. Marlin Tag whats your deal ???? I respond to your add first that I will take the ammo and PM you, you say OK we can meet this Sunday but you refuse to meet at the place you put in your add and give me the run around. Then I say ok I will meet you in Union. Then you blow me off and sell the ammo to someone else ????Always an Eagle had the decency to reach out to me letting me know your selling it to him. Hopefully you don't jerk him off like you have to me. Why wouldn't respond to the emails telling me your selling it to someone else. ASSHOLE move buddy!!! Wasting peoples time and not following form rules for sale,
  9. What’s the deal with this ammo , sent messages haven’t heard back
  10. Natchez has had some kind of 9mm almost everyday for the last couple of months, average price is .45 to .55 pr shipped with tax to NJ.The website is nuts the bots were sucking everything right up but recently the drops are lasting hours and days which are unherd of lately with them. I went crazy buying it for a while from Natchez. Spent way to many hours checking my wish list.I hit it hard with the threat of online sales being targeted by the new admin. I know they have been saying this for years but in todays world it wouldn't surprise me one bit. These CCI case went from $300, 6 months ago to $400, 3 months ago to the current .50 per round before tax and delivery. It comes to $555.00 out the door onto your porch . I bought 3 at this higher price. They did have cci 124 grain 50 round boxs for .38 per round yesterday but I missed that one. At least once a week they have some 9mm for .40 pr. I am officially done with 9 only currently buying 357 mag and 38 spl. But if the .40- 9mm pops up I find myself still buying it.
  11. They have had a ton of 9mm lately,they have had some everyday for like the last 3 weeks or so, it was sealing out in minutes , they haven't been droping it all online , they had the cci 1000 round cases all this week even though its not online. I called earlier today to switch my shipping address for one shipment so I could send my buddy some and they had about 4 types of 9 mm available.
  12. Looking for some 38 spl rounds. I'm in central NJ ( Somerville NJ ) area
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