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  1. Just waiting on call back. I did give them a call.
  2. So here’s an update. Finally got the denial this morning. Officer says that he had to deny me because of the robbery charge as a juvenile and even if he passed me I would be denied by nics anyway. Called a few lawyers waiting on responses back. I’ll do everything in my power to keep my rights. Hopefully it works out. Any other good lawyer references are welcome. Thank you everyone!
  3. Yea I think that Monday I will call some lawyers up and see their take on it as well. Hopefully they deal in all of Jersey because I’m up in Sussex county. I shouldn’t have to fight for my rights like this as an American but I digress...I appreciate the insight more than you know. Bad decisions can follow you the rest of your life, that’s for sure!
  4. I appreciate the recommendation! I paid that other lawyer to take care of the expungement and he screwed me out of over a grand so I just figured what the hell, if they deny it and absolutely say no then what’s the difference? I lose 100$ And have to a hire a lawyer anyway. Would the denial for the the FID be worse in some other way than not ever having one? For instance; does being rejected for an FID prohibit me from even being able to touch/use a firearm as it does with a felon? Technically I am not a felon. I’ve never been indicted. Adjudged a delinquent is the terminology used on the background Check I did for myself.
  5. Thank you! I didn’t know if I screwed up by submitting the application before the expungement or if I should just do it. I chose to just go for it. I know all this looks really bad on paper, but it’s not an accurate depiction of me as a person. Now do you know if/when the state denies my application, does that prohibit me from owning a firearm throughout the country? Or is it just the state of New Jersey? I know these are questions for lawyers but I’d rather get free opinions before paying for an attorney. I really appreciate it!
  6. Yes I did. It specifically asks “have you ever been adjudged a delinquent”. I had no option. I answered “no” to the convicted of a felony and domestic violence etc.
  7. Thank you! The paperwork is in but I have my doubts about it being accepted. If it gets denied I am going to try and fight to keep my rights. Just would like to plan ahead.
  8. I’m brand new here and I’m looking for some knowledgeable guidance. I just submitted for my FID, got fingerprinted, turned in my references (one of which is a police officer). Here’s the thing...when I was a juvenile I got myself into a bit of trouble. I am 27 now. At 16 I was adjudged a delinquent for a disorderly persons charge, then again at 17 I was adjudged a delinquent for a 1st degree robbery and 2nd degree conspiracy to commit robbery. Long story short, a 24 year old took an iPod and 400$ from me and I forcefully attempted to get it back. He called the cops and I paid big time for my mistake. I was sentenced to 3 years in Jamesburg, served about half of that, released on a recall, then successfully completed the remainder on probation. I paid a lawyer 1,500$ for an expungement and he did absolutely nothing. Took my money and stopped answering phone calls. I still have the record. Here I am, nearly 10 years later, no convictions as an adult; law abiding, responsible citizen and I fear my juvenile mistakes are about to come back to bite me in the ass. My questions are 1) has anyone had luck with trying to speak to the chief in your respective jurisdiction to help pass your permit and prove you’re responsible enough to own a firearm. 2) are there any outstanding lawyers who are well versed with this in nj and what are estimated costs for something of this nature? I’ve read some good things about (Evan nappan)? 3) if they do deny me for these mistakes, does that permanently ban me from having a firearm in the entire country?
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