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  1. Anyone know of any local shops/persons (besides tier one) that do professional grade grip stippling? Mainly striker fired pistols. I currently use grip/skateboard tape and talons but prefer not to attempt stippling it myself as I would most likely F it up. Thanks.
  2. 17 boxes of Federal 124 grain FMJ. (9x19mm Parabellum - 9mm Luger) $220 local pickup only in northern Bergen County. Easiest place to meet would be in Paramus or north on rte. 17. Surrounding burbs near there should be ok as well if agreed. Must have matching ID and FID. I am in Bergen County. First to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.
  3. SOLD. Please close. Glock 20 Gen 4. 10mm. Perfect condition, less than 50 rounds fired. Comes with 5 magazines and a lot of ammo. No modifications, all factory. 1,440 rounds of a mix of high quality hunting, defensive and range ammo. $1,200 for it ALL. The ammo alone is worth over $1k. FFL required. Matching photo/FID card required. Any FFL transfer fees are on the buyer. Willing to meet at an agreed upon FFL located near or in Bergen County...sorry, will not ship. I am located in Bergen County. First person to post "I'll take it wins the sale."
  4. I'll take a 500rd lot. Message inbound.
  5. Thanks all but it's ridiculous that it's soo ambiguous and not even attorneys know the exact answer. The only legitimate legal advice I received from an actual 2A attorney is..."best to err on the side of caution and carry only what is listed but if I carry something else, at least get qualified with that just in case something happens so I can try to use that in court as supporting information for whatever the case may be."
  6. I'm only trying to get clarification on what's been printed on the back of the permit. That is... No restrictions BUT there is a list of the firearms that were used to qualify. So if there are "None" restrictions, what's the list for?
  7. I just spoke to 2 prominent 2A attorneys and they both have no idea how to interpret my situation. To reiterate my situation, I have None ticked for restrictions but there is a list of the firearms that I qualified with further below in the white space. There is no mention of being limited to them either. So to summarize, I have None for restrictions, but there is a list of firearms further below. The attorney even called the county judges office to see if they can amend my permit to just have it blank or to get clarification however they said the judge is not amending anyone's permit nor providing how to interpret it. In the end, the attorneys then just recommended to stick with whatever firearm is listed on the back to err on the safe side unless I want to spend a ton of money (which I don't have) to get iron clad clarification. Lovely.
  8. Cool. I just got my carry holsters! Can't wait to carry my S&W 500 or desert eagle...appendix.
  9. Not sure if this is the right post to ask this but does anyone have a permit with 'None' ticked for restrictions but...below that lists the firearms you qualified with? So which is it...no restrictions or are you restricted to the firearms listed?
  10. Per our messages, Ill take the "Tenicor Velo for Glock 19/23. Right hand, IWB with T1 belt clips".
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