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  1. I'm kidding, but I received a few of those types of responses and I followed up on some l, got responses and talked to the seller via phone. Some turned out to be legit dealers and FFLs as well. Just do the due diligence but be alert.
  2. That's a cool color...what color is that? It's like a greenish, mint, aqua mix... Nice customization!
  3. Well I guess both types uses the forearm so I assume you want the type that uses the velcro to wrap around your forearm, correct? For example the SBA3 or 4? Also just end the end piece or do you need the receiver extension/buffer as well?
  4. Are you looking for a complete kit that includes the receiver extension and buffer? A brace that wraps around the forearm or a blade type? I have MFT BATTLELINK Minimalist Stabilizer....let me know if you're interested. Link to a description is below. https://www.missionfirsttactical.com/BATTLELINK-Minimalist-Pistol-Stabilizer Thanks.
  5. Transaction went smoothly. Great communication and items are new and gtg! Thanks.
  6. This would be sweet if they made the magwell large to support any 45 caliber cartridge...but obviously conversion kits would be needed though. 454 casull...460s&w....damn!
  7. Ah ok... if the barrel length is less than 16' it will need a brace and a vertical foregrip...I believe there is also some law about the total length as well... As it appears this is a rifle and the barrel length complys with NFA laws, doesn't need a brace however the stock still must be non-retractable and must be pinned.
  8. But didn't you want it to have a brace? If so with this, you would have to get the retractable type (ie. Sb Tactical) and then pin it, no? If so, why then get a pinned extended brace?
  9. Sorry...i don't have one but I believe you can convert a Troy other...
  10. You mean CZ... ha Thanks. Colt would be great. Let me know if you have any 6940 or 60s laying around too that you would let go.
  11. Sure. Milspec or better. I'm looking for everything in a default trigger assembly kit...Trigger/hammer pin, all springs, disconnector....anti walk pins. I don't need any other lower parts however an ambi safety selector would be nice. Not particularly looking for high end but I'll consider them depending on an asking price. This is primarily for the range and small game...not competition. Sending PM shortly.
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