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  1. This thread has been a great learning experience. Getting everyone’s opinions is always good as I get to see things from other perspectives. I appreciate the sarcasm, humor general „rubbing”, and overall civility of the exchange. Fantastic environment to participate in. Many thanks to all for your input!
  2. Thanks, found that here (Definitions 2(i), page 4), too. Thank you!
  3. Man, all of the comments are really helpful and insightful, thank you all! Will chapter 13 have the pertinent details as to what modifications need to be made to the components in order for them to be NJ legal?
  4. I do have a 9mm handgun, but common-caliber is not a hard requirement. Many thanks for your input.
  5. Many thanks for all the input. Currently checking out this M4 classic kit as a starter.
  6. I’ve started looking into buying a rifle and would appreciate others’ opinions on what to look for when picking one. I am currently using the following criteria: - primary use is home defense - secondary use is range training (I’m in Sussex county, considering rtsponline.com as training facility) - ease of acquiring and cost of ammunition The first thing that popped up for me was AR 15 (and variants), since I’d imagine that is a very common rifle. Are there additional details I should be considering when picking a rifle? All comments and suggestions will be much appreciated.
  7. I've only received a box from ammo.com and it was a brown "generic" cardboard box. Waiting for a few more shipments from different online shops, but everyone's experiencing crazy demand and delays...
  8. Can you recommend a place that does not? Looking for some 9mm rounds for both range and home-defense.
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