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  1. Just the Krieger 308 barrels are 550.00 when and if you can get them!
  2. e to be a little warmer it pull the Lug screw. https://imgur.com/a/yOIXaQw
  3. I saw many pics of this one before I bought it. But, it is 100% nicer in person.
  4. Lugged and bedded. Tracking down its hereditary now. Might be AF match or a Don McCoy. Came out of CA. 20+ years ago. Has a Krieger barrel. Just picked it up. https://imgur.com/a/yOIXaQw
  5. I sent him 1.00 and email comes up Brandon Evans January 7, 2023·Money Sent then filed complaint
  6. Only accepts PP F&F, sends me an ID that is blurred out. name thomas imperati hunter arms Branford CT. so far he has 3 different emails. [email protected] goes by ryan06 on NJ hunter, new member. When I told him I will pay fee. He says I am a man of God, you can trust me. LOL another ASSHOLE!! huntre armsllc <[email protected]> To:david archibald Sat, Jan 7 at 1:57 PM Trust me man, I would love not to have the money in the mail..you can trust me man…you have my words. Show original message
  7. I have 3 from the 60s. 75.00 each. Pick up. or ship for 11.00 https://imgur.com/a/OMk4FFM
  8. I have 2 of the green ones and 6 of those Heavy ones made for garand , 1903s and 1917s. Green is 25, Black heavy are 35. Pick up only
  9. Beautiful cond. with CMP docs. 1600.00 https://imgur.com/a/gDaGZFu
  10. one was posted on CMP forum with ALL the xtras, Gorgeous OHIO Ord. 5200.00
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