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  1. It seems that the going price on garands has gone up. There is a barreled receiver that I have been watching for 790.00 plus shipping. But most now are running 1200+
  2. Gotta remember, I am retired, so get pick of posts. As soon as these were posted, I jumped on them. Very rare and did not want the MOD 0 that has a barrel liner conversion. These are full barrel swap conversion.
  3. Both Navy H&R barrels. Both CMP DOCS. one is springfield & the other is Winchester. https://imgur.com/a/kziRb8l
  4. If selling something illegal in NJ. send it to the USA!!
  5. PM this FFL please. 50 for a transfer is fine. But when you have multiples and there is a charge for every add-on. That is bad business!
  6. If you were closer I would take! Any shore travels in future? If you will ship, I will take!
  7. cross-posted. If shipping required. add 30.00 plus insurance and ammo will not ship.
  8. First I will take followed by PM. FFL transfer in bayville. You pay 50.00 transfer fee. To buyer of M1. I have a ammo can of 4 bandoliers in clips. Hard to find. This HRA garand is brand new, USGI parts and new gauging 51 barrel. From CMP with DOCS. CMP is running out of M1s. Not taking any new orders. Rifle is SPF ammo is 250.00 https://imgur.com/a/x6wuNIa
  9. Who really wants to know what goes thru the mind of a dementia minded POTUS??? All I know is LEGAL firearm owners have a load of sheit coming down the pipe!! All the while 19000 ILLEGAL children have crossed the border ILLEGALLY! and who knows how many infected adults have snuck across?? We will see a spike in china flu, this is where it is coming from! China is getting ready to invade Taiwan and we are dealing with iran with another boatload of cash to get them to slow their push to wipe Israel off the map!! Don't forget putin is building bases on the ice flow! All the while this moron in the WH is stumbling and fumbling his presser!! What a friggin joke! And people bitched about Trump?? He had these asshole countries shut down!
  10. When other services went to M14s, Navy decided to rebuild the Garand to 7.62X51. Pretty rare with 3 different barrels. Receivers were pulled from rifles that needed rebuild. This is a copy of a listing that just sold. Rare CMP MK2 Mod 0 Springfield Barreled receiver USN Mod 0 1.7M serial with original correct 5-43 SA Barrel with H&R mod markings. Muzzle is slightly over 2+ nice bore and rifling. Comes with original hang tag - I have the cert somewhere if/when I locate it I will provide to buyer. Asking $900 + ship... Payment discreet PP FF, USPS Money Order, Personal Check. Standard forum rules apply - first "I'll take it" gets it... This Springfield Armory M1 Garand rifle was originally made back in 1943. Its barreled receiver was converted to a 7.62mm NATO chambered M1 MK2 MOD 0 between 1962 and 1965. The conversions were done as a Navy contract by Harrington & Richardson Arms. The M1 Garand Mk2 MOD 0 barreled receiver was purchased from Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) in 2012.
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