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  1. Just saw this is 4 years old. I have a set.
  2. PM sent on brass NOS 7.62, opening battle pack of 200.
  3. I worked in a local shop in 2010 Bayville, out of business now. . Gunsmith had 2 ADs that were not reported to PD or ATF. left shortly after. One was from work area on second story. went thru ceiling, did not hit people. Other was an officer was trading in a glock and gunsmith didn't clear before pulling. Dropped mag and pulled trigger. . Hit floor and cut phone line. Customers in store!
  4. For the last few years FFLs are required to keep a separate file for the nasty assault rifles! I guess so when beto wants to come get them!
  5. Last one I had was an 82, Big PW with crossfire.
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