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  1. 15636215

    Stevens 520

    Early model referenced to safety in relation to trigger., I guess mistaking safety for trigger.
  2. NJ stopped by me years ago. Kmart sold shotguns till about 10 years ago.
  3. 15636215

    Stevens 520

    Made in 1909 suicide safety. 12 ga pump. Won auction. always loved these old pumps. Slam fire. Received in excellent cond. Has not been fired in years. Slide was locked in forward position. I had to soak in Kroil for 2 days. Now works like new. https://imgur.com/a/n3dsvz0
  4. Winchester 67 ammo. about .80 per round. bandos not much. + 30. is about right. sell it all for 350.00
  5. I just realized I found another spackle bucket full of clips. CLIPS for sale 2.50 each. USGI, Not foreign knockoffs!
  6. Picked up this am. 4 days for me.
  7. I have 2 in my 01 FFL now and was told NICS is running a full week! Just another way NJ is fucking with your 2nd. One is a Stevens riot gun, and a Rem 1903.
  8. At any given time a very rare clip will show up. I have not gone thru these clips. I have hundreds. Would be all day.
  9. There were 35 or 36 makers of clips. I have an early WRA clip now that is sold for 90.00. There are some collectors that collect clips. That is why I say some clips are very valuable. WRAs, Early SAs. all worth much more than the 2.00 that I am selling for. A little drop of oil or rear of clip shows the makers mark. https://imgur.com/a/02WcyFa
  10. I never buy korean or turkish. Too many blown guns. These are LC or Greek. 192 rounds and 280 rounda in 8 round USGI clips. Cans of 192 rds have 24 clips included and cans of 280 rounds ave 35 clips. First I will take 192 round cans are 275.00 and 280 round cans are 390 This works out to about 1.14 per round and clips are 2.00. USGI clips on open market are selling for 5.00 each and the rare ones up to 100 each.
  11. Welcome fellow CJR&P Pork Roll member!! I have a C&R for 25 or so years. My first 3 vehicles in life were a 66 Chevey Impala SS convertible, Cherry, bought it in 71 for 695.00!!! traded it in for a cherry 69 Pontiac Grand Prix with 400. That thing could friggin fly!!! Then a 74 Chevy blazer 4x4 NEW for 3100.00 out the door! Then ordered a custom 76 grand prix with 400. Those fly days were over. Now collect US Military, In safes at one time 39 Garands and 27 1911s. US&S, REM-UMCs 2 of those. End of story.
  12. 1st I will take gets them.
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