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  1. Figured that was gonna be struck down.
  2. I was told a few years ago by my friend Glock rep. that they rescind carry permit at 70. JFYI!
  3. They really have not given up easily! Look at the carry permits in New Hampshire!! for example!
  4. Unless you live in newark, camden, paterson, vineland and really any gang owned city and town in nj. But the legal gun owner is screwed in nj. Also gun sales on any corner in the above mentioned cities!
  5. I better watch, ATF will be knocking saying I am making guns!!!
  6. If I didn't have 2 correct Winchesters in the safe I would keep it. If it doesn't sell I will keep it and sell one of those pesky M1 Garands. They are like rabbits. Every time I look in the safe there is one more ! Like friggin rabbits!
  7. last can take for 300.00 https://imgur.com/ZSA13uI
  8. A friend on M14 site put it up. Posted as museum quality purchased in 91 or so, then never fired! He was right. scope is like new. Flash hider was never mounted. One gorgeous rifle. Never saw a rollmark by WRA that was so nice. Usually WRA roll marks are light strikes.
  9. First I will take followed by PM. Beautiful Eddy 1917 30-06. Nice WW1 rifle. Maybe Sgt. York used it!!! Has WRA barrel and stock. Went thru San Antonio arsenal. 1100.00 Buy a piece of history that you can shoot. These were built like tanks. https://imgur.com/a/mbQYgt3 Will also take partial trade for 12 ga pump. Riot preferred, shocker, or any 12 ga 20" Pump.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/Mt28dnK https://imgur.com/a/FgzEmLt
  11. It is odd. My son in Beachwood, nis air went out and my air went out last night too. Not sure if related
  12. They cannot expose his history! Pregnant pics! Sorry, do not have, they went down with the ship we were on from kenya! No college transcripts either! They went down in the plane we were skydiving from! That is where barry's birth cert. went too. 50 years from now all will be exposed when nobody gives a shit! Like johnson had kennedy shot!
  13. No belt, but that is a super nice rig. No issues with it!. I can twist his arm when he comes!.
  14. If you want anything else while down here, 30-06 in clips, have a few spam cans, 38 super, have a couple thousand rds. LOL. Garands, 1917s!! CORRECT WRA 1917. LOL
  15. I use a plastic laundry basket. Put in cart, carry out to car and into house. Keep it in car. Use for post office runs too.
  16. No tears, really original cond. Go with your Krag!! I was impressed with heaviness and quality of belt. I should have priced this higher! LOL
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