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  1. I have 3 from the 60s. 75.00 each. Pick up. or ship for 11.00 https://imgur.com/a/OMk4FFM
  2. I have 2 of the green ones and 6 of those Heavy ones made for garand , 1903s and 1917s. Green is 25, Black heavy are 35. Pick up only
  3. Beautiful cond. with CMP docs. 1600.00 https://imgur.com/a/gDaGZFu
  4. I have a H&R correct for sale 1600. 4.7 million with 3/8" DAS https://imgur.com/a/gDaGZFu
  5. one was posted on CMP forum with ALL the xtras, Gorgeous OHIO Ord. 5200.00
  6. Have a few Stevens. Picked this one up. Was frozen. I spray Kroil on internals and broke it free. Probably had not been used in 30 years. picked up at auction for 400.00 shipped. Other is a Police trade in. Excellent cond. https://imgur.com/a/wNrNNKC
  7. Bump to top. Have loads of 30-06 garand ammo. PICK UP ONLY waretown. I have 2.62X51 in battle packs too. MUST have FID. 192 rd spam can 200.00 280 rd in clips 300.00
  8. Like their plan for the USA!!!
  9. I am 2 doors from PoPo home. and FFL. So I think they would beat feet here. Probably call swat too! My youngest is Capt. of swat! LOL
  10. Some on here are saying who the Fuick is Alice Kramden!!!
  11. MMmmmmmM Pork Roll Egg and Cheese on a hard roll!!!! To die for , almost!
  12. I just got a M1, International Harvester with a new criterion 308 barrel. Should be a great shooter. No kickback with 308. Have quite a few battle packs too.
  13. single stage is fine. problem is location. I am south of Toms River.
  14. so jersey porkroll. With all supplies.
  15. Go for the rack grade. Some great ones, but lots of dogs also. Luck of the draw. CMP ad states absolutely NO guarantees. NO returns either. When you get it if you need help PM me. Dave
  16. 15636215

    Stevens 520

    Early model referenced to safety in relation to trigger., I guess mistaking safety for trigger.
  17. NJ stopped by me years ago. Kmart sold shotguns till about 10 years ago.
  18. 15636215

    Stevens 520

    Made in 1909 suicide safety. 12 ga pump. Won auction. always loved these old pumps. Slam fire. Received in excellent cond. Has not been fired in years. Slide was locked in forward position. I had to soak in Kroil for 2 days. Now works like new. https://imgur.com/a/n3dsvz0
  19. Winchester 67 ammo. about .80 per round. bandos not much. + 30. is about right. sell it all for 350.00
  20. I just realized I found another spackle bucket full of clips. CLIPS for sale 2.50 each. USGI, Not foreign knockoffs!
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