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  1. Raniersec AKA Ranier Gun Store On uther sites, many buyers got screwed.
  2. He was, and the crew had walked. He is fucked!!
  3. I am retired from IATSE local 21 newark. worked 34 years. We used Real firearms on the shows that require firearms. Most were donated, Papermill theater before fire in 82 or so. Had colt pythons, 03a3s, some levers. Who knew who owned them. Used blanks, But REAL firearms. ATF only got involved with a license when there was explosives used. Pyros for concerts was NUTS!!!
  4. Watch this and learn something!!
  5. Problem being, the possible variation in NATO 7.62 from various countries. Do I really want to try 308 on my 4K Texas Devine M14, or my 5 liner M14? NO. Or my 2500 M1 Garand with 7.62 barrel? NO.
  6. My 7.62 M14 eats ONLY Nato 7.62 Period.
  7. watched last nite, excellent. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12731980/
  8. Most likely 30 years in nj. But in newark, out the back door!
  9. I can see the school from my front door. Those friggin squirrels run wild. 1 pittie got 1 last year. None so far this year! LOL.
  10. Sure would take care of the excess squirrel population!!!
  11. Looks like a real nice facility! 120.00 per year is a great price too! http://mifflincosportsmens.com/images/index_01.jpg
  12. Very nice cond. Post You will take, located in waretown, PM questions 425.00 pick up in bayville, you pay fees. https://imgur.com/a/vyczimv
  13. Bolt action with Mossberg mag and sites Locayed in waretown, Post You will take. Questions to PM. 300.00 P/U in Bayville. You pay NICS.https://imgur.com/a/eCUdD8i
  14. Good one. Any moron should have taken that off by now. I never see a biden flag anymore. I do pass a biden supporters house at 4:30 am on dialysis days. They took their flag down real fast. It just so happens I think I see a deer in front of their house every time I pass. I don't want to see that deer get hit, so I lay on my horn. Busy road and no other houses. LOL
  15. I have 2 30 cal ammo cans with 4 bandoliers of greek ammo. each can has 192 rounds, 24 M1 clips and bandoliers with can for 275.00 picked up in waretown. 08758 https://imgur.com/r2oIgD6
  16. Last time I was in SS was 07 or so. I know they had at least 4 suicides that I can remember. Tiny was still there, Nice guy. He always gave me milk crates of ammo. People would give to the store when they wanted to get rid of firearms. He is gone now. They did have a nice selection, but, the owners, billy & kyle, Not very client oriented.
  17. Just needs a little shove! Soon I hope.
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